Eight methods - to identify the authenticity of the watch

Watch identification is actually chapter can be found. Unlike calligraphy and porcelain, watch itself is a sophisticated complex mechanical devices, and some even very small fine, false craft will be exposed. Do not know who will be false to do false, false table and true table can not do exactly the same Rolex Rolex Rolex rolex Rolex watches Rolex prices Watch identification is actually chapter can be found. Unlike calligraphy and porcelain, watch itself is a sophisticated complex mechanical devices, and some even very small fine, false craft will be exposed. Do not know who will be false to do false, false table and true table can not do exactly the same. Through the following, we give you some specific identification of the authenticity of the replica watches uk method. Of course, also need to learn more about their own, more research, the ability to identify will naturally improve. 1. Movement parts: (1) from the movement of the surface Some important parts of the movement, in the surface, the pendulum is relatively easy to see, such as: shock. There are different firms, grades are also different, common low-grade shock with a triangle, leave the table see more. Better use INCBLOC, and high-end watches generally use KIF shock, such as rolex Rolex 16233, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, etc., careful observation you will find that even with the same movement, the shock absorber specifications are also different Such as OMEGA OMEGA and TUDOR TUDOR are using the ETA 2892 movement, but the TUDOR with KIF, OMEGA with INCBLOC, high-end watches have high-end traditional practices, usually KIF shock and a worm-type precision adjustment structure (called " Aurist ") combination, is a high-end watch movement logo, at least with eccentric Luo nail fine-tuning institutions. (2) Material Technology: In addition, relatively easy to see the parts are escapement and escapement fork, middle and low movement of the use of copper escapement fork, escapement wheel and escapement fork surface is not polished, high-end movement using steel capture The vertical fork, (because the proportion of steel is low) escapement wheel and escapement fork surface polishing, steel parts polishing, movement plywood to do modification and grinding is a high and low movement of a major feature, such as rolex Rolex. rolex replica Balance wheel: high-end table balance wheel is certainly golden, in fact, the material is not the same as the balance wheel, the general table with zinc-copper alloy (German silver), high-grade beryllium (BE) beryllium is an aviation material, and Light and hard, mainly small changes in the temperature line expansion, to ensure the accuracy of the watch. High-end table with the Geneva logo (12 requirements). Movement of the surface color: Common movement of the mainland goods (including quartz watch) ETA, rolex Rolex 16233, RONDA, Japan (MIYOTA) is Citizen, the general movement plywood engraved with SWISS PARTS, is generally assembled in the Far East (Thailand) The plywood gold-plated movement are mostly of origin. (3) movement plywood logo: In the past, many watches are self-produced movement, such as: Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex 16233, Movado, OMEGA, ENIGAR, Longines LONGINES called "all-round watch factory", and now in order to control costs, Core, mainly the use of Swiss ETA movement. (Originally, Switzerland has a lot of movement factory, ST, AS, FHF, F, but now basically do not see.) Almost with RONDA (quartz watch), we all use ETA, in order to distinguish, mainly in the automatic Tuo engraved on their own standard. Because Tuo is a relatively large proportion of metal, can not punch lettering. Quartz watch is on the circuit board India's own card, Cartier also used ETA, but it has its own special plywood. In addition, mechanical watch movement in the movement of the main plywood on the edge of the balance wheel will generally have a special set of letters. Each table has its own standard, so, save a rolex replica for another movement, can also be seen. Again, there are some brand-name table, will also use the ETA movement, but usually do some fine processing (grinding). There is a feature is their own naming movement number, such as Longines, rolex Rolex 16233, radar, British Nag, (such as the British Nag cell ETA 2671, engraved with the bottom of the movement "AR 770", it had a notice, if There is no movement of the floor of the AR. Is a fake!) 2. Look at the label Some watches have a Symphony on the back cover labels: For example, ROLEX, leave the table is a green paper, no Symphony effect, the early plum TITONI back cover on the Symphony label is also very good to do. Third, look at the subtle place: The so-called subtle local main dial, table needle process can best explain the problem, leave the table pointer is rarely done well, such as needle flag where the hanging, needle uneven, poor brightness, needle angular is not clear. Like ROLEX second hand tail is arc, and leave the table is flat, and some quartz watches to balance the second hand, the tail is thicker, and so on. Look at the table and English logo, scale. Like ROLEX printing is very unique, very bright paint, but also printed very high. Leave the table this can not do. Often see some false forms such as: ROLEX and PIAGET not only print fuzzy and can not be completely covered. Watches, watches can not be realistic fake, ROLEX computer disk complex process, it is difficult to really make it as false. Look at the surface of the glass Surface glass production level is very high, the general false table and the real table almost, but some brands of watches on the glass marking. Like the early OMEGA, Rome. Now the ROLEX in the glass 6-bit bit is also a small line of ROLEX letters. A ROLEX Sapphire glass in Shenzhen factory to buy about only 20 yuan, while the original about 1,500 yuan. Glass is sapphire, the appearance is not very different. (Really slightly blue. Fake is colorless), but the nylon ring is not the same. Table glass materials are: the early plastic (organic), mineral and sapphire. Sapphire glass is now very common. Sapphire sapphire was used in the past, and Sapphire sapphires in the back of the table were used to cover the sapphire. This can be checked with a refractometer. The refractive index of the sapphire is 1.76-1.77, while the glass is 1.52. 5. Look at the number of digital identification: Exterior: General watches have a case model and movement models, high-end watches should also have the table production serial number, movement production serial number and the strap number, these markers hit the table inside and outside the back cover. In addition, some table strap ear inside and outside the number. There is no false marking of the table, there are marking. However, pay attention to observation, the false label of the table to play more shallow, some crooked carved up, and some words size is not right, or do not meet the watch's coding rules or digital bits too long. (ROLEX, TUDOR production serial number is the beginning of a letter plus 6 digits, and OMEGA and RADO are 8 digits.False radar found 13 digits, and stamping on the back cover, it shows that do a few thousand Only the table may be a number. Each watch number also has its meaning, not to write. For example rolex Rolex 16233: 16 is an automatic calendar male form, and 18 is an automatic dual calendar male form. Mantissa of 3 is gold plus steel, mantissa of 8 is the gold watch, 4 is all steel + platinum ring, mantissa of 0 is the stainless steel shell and so on. The false form of many are scrawled. True table is each independent number. Movement Some imitation of Germany is very good OMEGA OMEGA, also used and really the same ETA 2892 movement, but the automatic Tuo's lettering standard is very strange, like a laser engraved. The main splint was deliberately milling to go, there is no movement letter. About the Japanese watch. According to the information of the Japanese Citizen Note: Where the movement is not automatically carved Tuo CITIZEN, but not the original carved MIYOTA Citizen, MIYOTA is Citizen's export movement, and there is no gold-plated splint. Many of the fake watches are loaded with imitation of the old movement of the new shell, the movement after several repairs, surface parts and splints have minor scratches, screw size is not uniform, the most easy to find is the screw slot flange And extrusion. 6. Look at the icon mark See chart mark is mainly K gold and fineness of the table. Fake watches usually do the mark blurred, relatively shallow, or even multiple stamping does not coincide. True table is really imprinted deep and clear. Marking usually hit the back cover inside and outside, table claws and strap, leather strap hit the buckle. Gold-plated case or stainless steel shell posing as K gold shell, it can only play 18K, but can not hit the icon, the hand can feel the proportion of the two is not the same. Fake the back cover of the table intentionally do very thick, and even in the back cover plus lead block. Although stainless steel is a weak magnetic material, but will also be attracted to a strong magnetic field, the table tied with a rope tied, with aluminum boron to smoke. If it is gold-plated case, the thickness of more than 10 microns, there must be a digital standard. Such as G10, PL10 PLATED10. Like Omega OMEGA gold-plated 20 microns, in the case of the shell claw marked with a 20, less than 10 micron gold can only be considered a low block table. Look at diamonds and inlaid process Fake dial with rhinestone, artificial zircon. Or even with natural diamonds, but the mosaic of uneven, uneven size, large or small in diameter, a broken phenomenon. High-end watches generally do not use rhinestones, because the use of precious metals and precious stones can be high-end. 8. To see the hidden places: More professional-level identification, to remove the appearance and movement of parts inspection, such as the most inappropriate places: strap to wear nails, casing, strap section. Because even the most clever do not do these places, these parts are significantly different from the original table. Such as Rolex 16238, case strap 18K gold, fake can do and really the same table, but that is less weight two grams, why? Strap section of the process do not the same. Also including the most common rolex Rolex 16233, too. Rolex K gold front ring is the subject of a crown, removed to see. False table is not. Table with the spring (with spring is the elastic connector) to connect the case and strap elastic bolt. False spring with the table is generally purchased, so the table is different and true. The typical is the ROLEX Rolex watches. Look at the table brought here to know the basic eighty-nine. There are radar, OMEGA, etc. with the spring is a special, fake do very different. In addition, the true form of the false handle the first table is also very different, the installation process is not the same. If it is K gold watch head tube is golden, and leave the table may be steel, generally no internal teeth. This is to pull out the table to see.