United Kingdom and Ireland

General Data Protection Regulation in force from 25 May 2018

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Data Protection has a basis in natural law, being required by the virtues of justice, discretion and courtesy. If these natural goods are respected, grace can build upon them. Moreover in May 2018 new data protection laws come into effect in England & Wales (GDPR). From then charities will be held to the same high standards as other public bodies and businesses. You can read our privacy policy here.

Why do we ask you ‘Manage your Profile’ through this website?
The law requires and we intend that your privacy should be safeguarded by design and by default. For this reason we have constructed this website to give you control over the information about you which is stored on our database. By registering on this website and logging in, you can decide how much or how little of your personal data we store on our database. You can change it anytime. And you can delete your entire entry anytime, thus de-registering completely.

As not everyone likes to use the Internet, with the next issues of Dowry Magazine we will send out a flyers so that recipients can notify us by post of what information they consent to us storing. It is also possible to let us know by telephone or face-to-face. Even so, the flyer will include an invitation to register through this website, advising that it is better all round if people create and manage their own profile.

Why would you enter your…
– name and email address
This is so we can identify you with a unique entry on the database over which you have control. On registering an email address a link will be sent to that address to confirm you wish to set up a profile. You can choose your own password.

– tickbox for Dowry Magazine
Upon registering, you have the chance to tick a box to receive Dowry Magazine by post, in which case it would then be necessary to enter your postal address in the section below.

For accounting purposes we keep records of all donations received. While we are grateful for every contribution, we do not make them a condition for you receiving Dowry Magazine.

Donations made with Gift Aid are given a unique donor reference so that they can be accounted anonymously.

– Electronic Bulletins
The last sentence in the section offers the chance to receive Dowry Magazine by email and likewise to subscribe to either or both of our electronic bulletins (from Reading and from Warrington), in each case by entering your name and email address on Mailchimp. We have access to these subscriber lists, which are stored securely by Mailchimp.

– Additional Information (name, address, telephone, D.O.B.)
These are not essential, but are useful to us if we wish to contact you, for example on pastoral matters, or else to know where our faithful are located when we are planning retreats, pilgrimages, conferences, etc. For those who volunteer at our apostolates it can be especially useful to have your telephone number.

We ask your date of birth (D.O.B.) so we can discriminate between children, youth, middle-aged and the elderly for planning appropriate pastoral care. For example, without identifying individuals, it can be useful for us to ask our database how many people we have registered who are aged 18 to 35, or how many are over 65.

Users of this website must be at least 13 years old to register an account. Users who are not yet 18 years old should obtain parental consent to register.

– Family details: spouse’s name, children’s names
Users may also choose to enter the name of their spouse and names of their children. This helps us make the right connections among the people we meet and again helps jog our memories if we have met only briefly or, for example, not caught the names of everyone in the family.

Data Sharing
We will not share your information with third parties, except for the purpose of mailing Dowry Magazine or our bulletins according to your subscriptions; with our accountants for keeping such records as are required by law; and where necessary with the relevant diocese in the case of preparing for Sacraments or being received into the Church, etc.

The Right to Delete / De-register / Unsubscribe
You may change or delete your details at anytime. If you choose to de-register you whole record will be deleted from our database.

Subscriptions to our electronic bulletins through Mailchimp may be ‘unsubscribed’ by the user at any time through the link at the bottom of each bulletin.

Should you have any enquiries or complaints regarding FSSP England’s data protection procedures please contact our data protection officer here.