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March 11, 2023

What’s on this week – Adult Catechism *tonight*, House, and Easter Raffle

MASS INTENTIONSSunday 12th March  8.30 am Private intention12.30 pm Private intention CONFESSIONS Saturdays 3 pm—5 pm ADULTCATECHISM TONIGHTPatrick Donegan room at 7 pm. Talk by Fr Phipps in a series on the Seven CapitalVices.  LOOKING FOR A HOUSE NEAR BEDFORD?Matthew tells us that the 4-bedroom house nextdoor to him in Kimbolton (30 minutes north of Bedford) is coming up for sale/rent and would be ideal for a family. Do contact him if interested. RESERVED PARKING SPACES?We are trying to assess whether […]

March 3, 2023

What’s on this week – Adult Catechism, Singing, and Raffle!

MASS INTENTIONSSunday 5th March  8.30 am Sebastian di Falco RIP12.30 pm Private intention CONFESSIONS Saturdays 3 pm—5 pm SUNG MASS Sung Mass at 8.30 am, practice tomorrow 4th March 3 pm—5 pm. New singers welcome.Please contact Fr Evans for more information: evans@fssp.org. ADULT CATECHISMSaturday 11th March in the Patrick Donegan room at 7 pm. Talk by Fr Phipps in a series on the Seven CapitalVices. Please let him know if you are planning to come so that we can cater accordingly: […]

May 10, 2018

Happy Feast of the Ascension 

Today is a Holyday of Obligation! Mass tonight will be at 7:30.  Bi þon se witga song: “He wæs upp hafen engla fæðmumin his þa miclan meahta spede,heah ond halig, ofer heofona þrym. Of this the prophet sang: “He was lifted up in the arms of angelsin the great abundance of his powers,high and holy, above the glory of the heavens More beautiful poetry here: https://aclerkofoxford.blogspot.com/2014/06/christ-bird-and-play-of-hope-anglo.html

October 22, 2017

22 October – new FSSP priest and record attendance!

Today was the first Mass in Bedford of Father Patrick O’Donohue, a young priest who has recently joined the FSSP in Reading to test his vocation. 75 people were at Christ the King; a record for a Sunday morning. We thank God for such a wonderful blessing and pray that it may continue. Many of us had the pleasure of meeting Fr. O’Donohue in the church hall afterwards and learning more about his background. We look forward to seeing him […]

October 1, 2017

Fantastic news for the Latin Mass in Bedford!

Latin Masses at Bedford will, from next week (8th October), be celebrated by priests from the international Catholic order the Fraternity of St. Peter from their base in Reading. They also anticipate celebrating Mass on most Holydays of Obligation at 7:30pm. Fr. Matthew Goddard FSSP, the Superior in Reading, will celebrate the first Mass of the regular FSSP apostolate next week, at 8:30am. All are welcome and he would love to meet you afterwards over tea and coffee in the hall. We […]

August 4, 2017

Transfiguration Mass this Sunday

This Sunday’s Mass coincides with the Feast  of the Transfiguration, one of the Luminous Mysteries. Here is a sermon of St Leo the Great, from the excellent New Advent website http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/360351.htm : I. Peter’s confession shown to lead up to the Transfiguration The Gospel lesson, dearly-beloved, which has reached the inner hearing of our minds through our bodily ears, calls us to the understanding of a great mystery, to which we shall by the help of God’s grace the better attain, […]

May 3, 2017

30 April

Over 70 people came to Mass on Sunday, which was close to a record for an 830am Mass. Some photos below. Do join us if you can!

April 2, 2017

Easter 2017!

We are very fortunate to have Fr. Crean not just for Easter Sunday Mass but also for Tenebrae on Maundy Thursday and Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. Please spread the word and invite people to come along! The Latin Easter Schedule at Christ the King is as follows: Maundy Thursday: 6pm, Traditional Tenebrae, followed immediately by Mass in the Ordinary Form Good Friday: Stations of the Cross at Midday. Liturgy of the Passion in the Ordinary form is at […]

January 25, 2016

24th January – Septuagesima

While the secular world talks about “dry January”, Catholics attending the Old Rite were reminded that an altogether more fulfilling period of fasting and abstinence is shortly upon us. Septuagesima Sunday called for violet vestments and no Gloria – as Fr.Alldrit reminded us, the Gloria will now not be heard until the Easter vigil. A very good blog about is is here; my photos of the 49 people at the 830 Mass are somewhat less good, but hopefully they give […]

January 5, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New (calendar) Year to everyone – Mass in Bedford consinues to attract new people, especially at Christmas, when Fr. Diaz celebrated Mass. Confessions were heard last Sunday as well, and will continue to be heard every week before and after Mass.   All are welcome at Christ the Kinf. Some directions: – There is ample car parking space, and it’s easily reachable both from the north and the south (MK42 0SP for sat nav devices) – Christ the King […]