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October 19, 2018

11 UK priests in 16 years

Please pray for Samuel and Miklos, our two UK vocations beginning their Second Year at our two seminaries. They have completed their First Year and will be incorporated into our Fraternity tomorrow, Saturday 20th October.

Please also pray for Ciall, another Irish-English vocation, who would have been with them but had to leave seminary for health reasons last June after a successful First Year.

Tomorrow, 25 young men altogether will receive First Tonsure and the cassock from the bishops, both in Wigratzbad, Bavaria, and in Denton, Nebraska.

Please pray for them (www.fssp.org/en/help-us/confraternity-of-saint-peter/) and for many more to enter the lists!

In total, 39 young men were admitted into our two seminaries this autumn. Many more applied but were not accepted.

24 First Year seminarians entered Wigratzbad this month, including: 9 French, 4 Portuguese, 3 Canadians and 1 Colombian in the French-speaking Section; and 2 Germans, 1 Austrian, 1 Hungarian, 1  Icelander, 1 Pole and 1 Swiss in the German-speaking Section.

There are presently 76 seminarians in Wigratzbad, of 19 nationalities.


Our American seminary in Nebraska, Our Lady of Guadalupe, admitted 15 First Year seminarians, including 12 Americans, 2 Canadians and 1 English. In Years 6 to 7 at OLGS, in addition to many Americans and Canadians, we also have seminarians from New Zealand, 2 from India (Goa), 1 from The Phillipines, 1 from Singapore, some from Mexico and from Venezuela.

Lastly, please pray for our more senior UK seminarians Gwilym, Emmanuel and Matthew. With Samuel, Miklos and John, we currently have 6 UK vocations in formation.

We will soon announce our next Vocation Discernment Weekend in Warrington.

We had 19 new priests ordained worldwide in 2018, and 18 ordained in 2017.

We give thanks for 1 new priest from the UK ordained every year over the past 4 years, and more generally for 11 of them ordained over the past 16 years: Fr Konrad Loewenstein in 2002; Fr Brendan Gerard in 2006; Frs Matthew Goddard and William Barker in 2009; Fr Simon Harkins in 2010; Fr Matthew McCarthy in 2011; Fr Ian Verrier in 2015; Fr James Mawdsley in 2016; Frs Alex Stewart and Krzysztof Sanetra in 2017; Fr Seth Phipps last 9th June. 

Please pray for us. We assure you of our prayer.

O Lord, grant us many holy priests!

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