United Kingdom and Ireland
September 18, 2020

’40 days for life’ start

The kick-off event will go live on Saturday 19 September at 7:30pm via Radio Immaculata. Please tune in for a very interesting hour or two.

Fr Philomeno will be hosting the event and Fr Jeremy Davies, exorcist will be giving a talk Spiritual Warfare and the Fight for Life.

There will be Two 20 min slots and the live chat on Radio Immaculata will be open for questions. (Here’s an interesting review of his booklet Exorcism. Understanding exorcism in scripture and practice). The talk will be pre-recorded and Fr Davies will be on the line to answer questions straight after the talk.

The (virtual) gathering is also so volunteers can be made aware of all the practical aspects of being at the vigil, including the Statement of Peace which everyone must abide by if they want to be at the vigil. Even if you only pray outside the abortion centre you are doing much more than you think, and great good can only come out of such witness. The very important thing to do is to be motivated by charity and love.

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