United Kingdom and Ireland
November 15, 2019

5 hours left to save babies

Dear friends,

If you haven’t done so already please respond to the consultation by 5pm today. You may wish to do so using the link below as it only takes a few clicks! We need as many responses from  the pro-life side as possible, particularly in the Manchester area. Please share the link!!

Thank you all very much for your gallant efforts.

Manchester City Council has opened a consultation on a proposed censorship zone (PSPO) at Wynnstay Grove. If implemented the censorship zone would among other things criminalise:

  • Free speech
  • Signage
  • Prayer
  • Counselling
  • The offer of leaflets

You can respond to the consultation below! Please use this tool and share with like-minded people. The consultation closes on Friday 15th November!

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