United Kingdom and Ireland
May 14, 2020

Best Re-open Our Churches petition to sign

Please sign this important petition: https://citizengo.org/en-gb/rf/179408-open-our-churches-and-restore-worship

Open our churches

To Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government,

All of the signers of this petition have experienced, like everyone else, the separation from our loved ones… but also the separation from places of worship as part of the COVID lockdown imposed on our country. 

On 11th May the government published a 50 page roadmap outlining the steps which will be taken in order to alleviate some of the restrictions placed on the population. We respectfully ask you to also pay attention to the needs of Christians, the UK’s largest aggregate community and to consider our need to celebrate our faith. In particular, we ask you to prioritise the immediate reopening of churches as places of private prayer along with the swift resumption of weekly worship services, Masses, wedding ceremonies, funerals and baptisms. 

Places of worship will know how to organize adequate instruments of social distancing within their facilities, and you should trust people of faith to be smart about protecting themselves and others. Please take a step forward to protect the right to believers to freely profess one’s religious faith and practice its worship, as recognized by the European Convention on Human Rights.

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