United Kingdom and Ireland
November 15, 2019

Christmas in a Box

The Catholic Children’s Society is running this Christmas appeal for families in need in this country. “Without you this family would not have had a Christmas” said one grateful recipient.  The idea is that you cover a shoebox with Christmas paper and fill it with gifts suitable for a boy or girl of a particular age and return it to a collection point by a certain date – in our case, Christ the King by 8th December.  The visiting FSSP priest will take the boxes back to Reading to add to the collection the parishioners there are making.

Interested?  There are leaflets in the church and in the hall which give more details of what to include in the box (everything needs to be new) and a label to stick on it to indicate the age and gender of the child who will receive the box.  There will also be a sample completed box on display in the hall this Sunday.  See also the Society’s website:  https://www.cathchild.org.uk/christmas-gift-appeal/.

Thank you for your generosity.

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