United Kingdom and Ireland
May 8, 2018

Cork–Mass & Theology on Tap

Mass of SS Philip & James: All are welcome to assist at Holy Mass organised by Juventutem Corcaigh, 8pm this Friday 11th May at SS Peter & Paul’s, Cork City, followed by a social for those aged 18-35.

Theology on Tap: At 7:15pm on Monday 14th May, there will be a talk on the Blessed Trinity at Cork’s Dominican Centre, for members and friends of Juventutem Corcaigh. The points to be considered during the talk include:

– What is the Nature of the Most Holy Trinity? Why is this important?

– Old Testament traces of the MHT / New Testament revelation of the MHT

– Patristic theology: MHT worthy of martyrdom; St Augustine’s De trinitate

– Scholastic theology: St Thomas; Father & Son as active & passive in regard to generation

– Blessed Trinity and the person / marriage / life. Heaven = Communion of Communions

– Blessed Trinity contra divorce / abortion / contraception

– Blessed Trinity denied by Islam

– Our final purpose, the beatific vision, is beholding the Blessed Trinity, penetrating the mystery


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