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February 7, 2022

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Westerners in 2022 can learn from the heroic fidelity demonstrated by Catholic Poland during WWII and later. Hoping against hope, a generation of young Catholic men and women stood up for their faith and country both at home and abroad. We British and Irish Catholics must love deeper Christ, Our Lady, Holy Church and the saints; and gather together in order to save our souls in the present and forthcoming trials. At the heart of the current battle is the education of our little ones as God’s children.

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Editorial: It Is Happening – St Mary’s Academy

Fr de Malleray explains why education is central to his Fraternity’s mission, now implemented through the hybrid Regina Caeli Academies in Bedford and Warrington. Four years after it was indicated as the aim of the successful Priory Campaign, the “Village Option” has become a necessity for families to survive and pass on the faith to their children.

Educating the Saints of Tomorrow

Justin Bozzino presents the hybrid model of the Regina Caeli academies, successfully adapted from America for UK families. He invites families to register for the Warrington Open Day on Saturday 5th March (11am-2pm): www.rcahybrid.org.uk/info.

Heroic Poles in the Battle of Britain

Richard Kornicki reminds us of the crucial role of Polish pilots in the Battle of Britain. Air Officer Commanding RAF Fighter Command Hugh Dowding said: “Had it not been for the magnificent material contributed by the Polish Squadrons and their unsurpassed gallantry, I hesitate to say the outcome of Battle would have been the same”.

Young Women reflect on the Warsaw Uprising

Dowry asks two Polish young women settled in England how they relate to the heroism of a late fellow-Pole Cecylia Wolkowinska portrayed in her autobiography When the Summer Ended (written in collaboration with Joanna Bogle), from her youth in free Poland after WWI until the Nazi invasion of her country and the heroic uprising against the occupier in 1944. What inspiration, what lessons can young people in 2022 Britain learn from their heroic forebears fighting for freedom?

A Polish Army liberates Monte Cassino

Mark Kudlowski pays tribute to the determination of the Polish units who first reached the world-famous Abbey of Monte-Cassino eventually freed from Nazi occupation. Since Europe was civilised largely by the Benedictines stemming from Monte-Cassino, this victory over the anti-Christian forces of Adolf Hitler can inspire us in our third-millennium struggle for the Christian civilisation.

Elizabeth Prout, Mother Teresa of Manchester

Rosalind Starkie reviews Edna Hamer’s book on the Venerable Elizabeth Prout (1820–1864), Foundress of the female branch of the Passionist Order in Victorian England. A convert, Elizabeth Prout brought solace, education and hope to many women, girls and families suffering under inhuman conditions in the slums of Manchester during the Industrial Revolution.

A Bigger God

James Gillick shows that modern telescopes have given men a better idea of the magnitude of the cosmos. This humbles the wise, but terrifies the proud. They react with violence and manic ambition at the expense of true culture and spirituality. Christian artists and thinkers must depict anew the splendour of the Saviour for the benefit of mankind.

Meditations on the Stabat Mater

Religious superiors and theologians express their interest for the medieval liturgical sequence displaying the sufferings of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the foot of the Cross on Good Friday. A commentary on the Stabat Mater just released by CTS can be a good companion for the forthcoming Lent.

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