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January 16, 2023

Dowry Mag Winter edition

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In this issue:

Editorial: Pope Benedict XVI, R.I.P.

Homily at the Solemn Mass of Requiem for Pope Benedict XVI on 7 January 2023 in Warrington. Fr de Malleray expresses gratitude for the fruitful ministry of Pope Benedict XVI. He recalls his involvement in the founding of the FSSP as Cardinal Ratzinger; during the papal interregnum, his uncompromising diagnosis of the woes of the Church; his unexpected election to the sovereign pontificate; his support of the traditional Roman liturgy; and his successful visit in Great Britain in 2010. R.I.P.

Adrian IV, The English Pope – Part 2

In this second instalment (continued from Dowry N°54, Summer 2022), young convert and historian Adam Mercer describes the life of the only English Pope so far, from his election onward. A courageous evangeliser in Scandinavia, Pope Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspear) was caught into the never-ending political turmoil of the Middle-Ages, hindering his more fruitful theological activity.

Watching The Chosen?

Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP discusses the flaws and merits of a successful series on the life of the Lord Jesus. How to bring the Good News of salvation to young people, most of whom spend several hours online every day on social media and watching series? Despite some defects, the highly successful series The Chosen can be an opportunity for evangelisation. May it spur solid Catholics to become involved in making many more good faith films.

Refugees Find A Home In Catholic Tradition

Whereas Catholicism used to prosper in Hong Kong, it is now under threat as part of the alleged “Western” influence targeted by Communist China. Like many families of late leaving Hong Kong, this father-of-two describes his journey to faraway but freer England, and his providential discovery of the traditional liturgy.

Young Catholics Mourn Cardinal George Pell

The late Cardinal Pell supported the young adults of the traditional youth movement Juventutem from the beginning. Whereas Catholics honour the memory of the courageous prelate for numerous reasons, his paternal encouragements to young people attached to the liturgy of our fathers are treasured by the Juventutem International Federation, and by all those who see these traditions as a vital enrichment for the Church universal.

Art: Claude Lorrain’s Seaport by Sunset

Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP comments on a painting by Claude Lorrain, 1639, from Le Louvre, Paris. Claude painted various harbours, delighting in exquisite renderings of sunset and sunrise over the waters, ships and shores. Despite the absence of explicit religious elements however, Claude’s picture offers a meditation on the passing of time that spurs beholders to aspire to everlasting shores.

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