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April 13, 2020

Easter Monday 2020 Bulletin St Mary’s

Dear Friends,
The Lord is risen, alleluia!
All your clergy at St Mary’s give thanks for a very ‘special’ Easter Triduum 2020. Despite being locked up and deprived of your presence in the pews, we know that the beautiful liturgies offered at St Mary’s by our dedicated team of resident clerics and laymen were followed by thousands worlwide. This has been a great opportunity for many people not familiar with the traditional liturgy to experience it. We hope to have the full Triduum ceremonies uploaded for permanent access later on. 
See further below some of the messages received.

Support St Mary’s Shrine:
Thank you to all of you who gave us money to support us in these difficult times. 
Please use our bank account details below for online donations, or our PayPal button specifying ‘Warrington’.

Please tell your friends who discovered LiveMass about these means to support us.

For FSSP Warrington
Bank Name: Lloyds Bank
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Bank Branch: Palmerston Rd Southsea
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We waited until now to hear the Governement’s review announced for today after three weeks of lockdown. Apparently there will be no announcement until Thursday. Thus, the current restrictions to church access remain the same. However, with every precautions taken, we will not turn down individual requests for Confession (if you travel by car, please park outside Unit 3 of Priory Court).

Please check our website later this week for any update on our LiveMass scheduling.

  • Sunday 19 April, probably at 5pm, Vespers with Divine Mercy Chaplet, plus Benediction.
  • Daily Mass 12:10pm (often Sung or even Solemn).

Holy Mass intentions:
(Many other Masses are offered daily by the priests.)

Sun 12        
Easter Sunday 11:00am FSSP Confraternity
Mon 13 Easter Monday 12:10pm Diane McCartney
Tue 14 Easter Tuesday 12:10pm Joseph Gately (RIP)
Wed 15 Easter Wednesday 12:10pm Conor Jones
Thu 16 Easter Thursday 12:10pm David Hall (RIP)
Fri 17 Easter Friday 12:10pm John Swarbrick
Sat 18 Easter Saturday 12:10pm Jean Reynolds
Sun 19 Low Sunday 11:00am Teresa Isabel Cunningham
Mon 20 Feria 12:10pm        Thomas Fraser RIP (anniversary)
Tue 21 St Anselm 12:10pm The Hueston Family
Wed 22 Ss Soter & Caius 12.10pm Holy Souls (especially deceased of FOSS)
Thu 23 St George 12:10pm Daniel Jones
Fri 24 Ss Fidelis & Sigmaringen 12:10 Stephen Parkinson
Sat 25 St Mark 12:10 Maureen Fraser RIP (anniversary)
Sun 26        
Second Sunday after Easter 11:00am Haig & Lomzik Families

The BBC confirmed earlier that many of the deaths ascribed to Coronavirus are caused by other medical conditions: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51979654. This significantly lowers the Coronavirus death rate:

“Is coronavirus causing the deaths?

The death figures being reported daily are hospital cases where a person dies with the coronavirus infection in their body – because it is a notifiable disease cases have to be reported. But what the figures do not tell us is to what extent the virus is causing the death. It could be the major cause, a contributory factor or simply present when they are dying of something else. Most people who die with coronavirus have an underlying health condition, such as heart disease or diabetes, that may be more of a factor.”

Deacon Roger Gilbride, FSSP will be back for a First Mass in September!
Our dear Deacon flew back to New Zealand earlier than planned to prepare for his priestly ordination scheduled on 20th June, God willing. He wrote: 
“Dear St Mary’s faithful,
As some of you may have heard already, I have returned to New Zealand this week. Due to the ever worsening global situation caused by the corona virus anxiety, two weeks ago I was encouraged by my family and the FSSP priests in Australia to return to New Zealand as soon as possible.  My response was that I will finish my pastoral placement in Warrington and then decide what to do after Easter.
Since then however, both the UK and New Zealand have gone into strict lockdowns. New Zealand is rapidly becoming entirely cut off from the rest of the world (more so than usual !) and there are only a few flights per week now.  The priests in Australia and New Zealand were insistent that if I do not return immediately I may not be able to for several months, since commercial flights will soon stop or become prohibitively expensive.  My flight to Auckland was only 20% full; obviously this is not sustainable for the airlines.
While it is sad that I could not say farewell to everyone, thankfully the FSSP bought me a return flight to Manchester. So, I will be coming back – probably in September – to offer a first Mass and say farewell properly.
I am very glad that I got to know you all over the past months and I would like to thank all of you who contribute so much to the life of the shrine, and especially I’d like to thank the priests, my confreres, for the past 5 months.
Please keep Deacon Thomas Sofatzis and I in your prayers as we prepare for ordination. The planned date of June 20th is unlikely now, since the lockdown in Australia will continue until June 24th. We, therefore, have to find a new date.
May God bless you all as you prepare for Holy Week.
Deacon Gilbride, FSSP”

LiveMass messages:

Monday 13 April, Italy
I just wanted to add my message of thanks to those you have already received. It has been a joy to follow your Triduum from here in Italy and your livemass.net coverage has been of great comfort to me in these difficult times. God bless you all.

Easter Sunday 12 April 2020, England
Dear Father
Happy Easter to all our pastors at St Mary’s and I hope you have had a good day with lots of Easter treats after the Lenten observances. Thank you most sincerely for the wonderful liturgy we have been blessed to unite ourselves with on LiveMass, it has made the loss of our freedom to worship so much easier to bear, although it is very sad to see the empty pews in our beautiful church. I have seen some very appreciative comments on line about the live services Father, so praying that many more people will continue to watch long after the pandemic is over and that the shrine will receive much support. 
God bless Father … Praying that these dreadful times will soon be over and we can all be together again to praise God. Laudetur Jesus Christus, N.

Easter Sunday 12 April 2020, South Africa
Subject: Easter vigil
Message: I would like to thank everyone involved with the Easter vigil mass on LiveMass.org it was absolutely beautiful. Thank you. Regards, C., South Africa.

Easter Sunday 12 April 2020, USA
Dear Father, I attended the live streamed Easter Vigil Mass celebrated at St. Mary’s in Warrington last night, as my FSSP parish in the U.S. was not permitted to celebrate public Masses and referred us to LiveMass.net. It was the first traditional Vigil Mass I have attended, and I wanted to tell you how, even though streamed into my home, and not being able to be physically present, it was so edifying, so beautiful, so fulfilling, and when the candles were extinguished and the lights came on and those bells were rung – oh the bells! – I literally had tears streaming down my face at how they so exuberantly expressed “He is Risen!!”
I wanted to thank you for sharing your Masses during this trying time, and may God abundantly bless you and all of the FSSP priests who so faithfully celebrate the Mass of the ages.
Your daughter in Christ, J.

Dear Father,
One of the blessings of the current internment is that we have been encouraged to attend Holy Mass vicariously every day in Warrington, although we live in the South of England, many miles away. We’re able to benefit from many more sermons than we get going to mass mainly on Sundays in B.
Both are benefits which ordinary traditional Catholic would benefit from. Sometimes we need a crisis to push people like me to take advantage of something which has existed for some time. God Bless Father & all in the Priory & Keep it up

3 April 2020
Dear Fathers,
I am glad you received my email and that the sound was restored.
Thank you for such a beautiful homily today 3 April on the Stabat Mater Dolorosa.
Your insight on the verses was very meaningful to me. I love your mass as it is a joy to participate in what I consider a higher form of worship than that which is in most Catholic Churches today. (My husband and I normally attend a Latin mass in our area but almost an hour away). I am in my early 70’s and remember Latin masses of my childhood. I studied Latin in high school and remember it well.  I want you to know I follow each mass with my missal (1962), praying the Latin with you and responding with the server. I am happy you have made this available to us. It is a great blessing!
I look forward to participating with you all especially through the Easter Holy Week as well.
May God bless you and keep you safe. C. C…, USA

2 April 2020
Dear Fathers,
I write from the United States with gratitude to Our Lord and Our Lady. The greatest blessing of the “pandemic” is to have found your celebrations of Mass. Thank you for the thought-filled and inspired sermons — you are so clearly “reaching out” to comfort and give the strong spiritual guidance we are craving.  I feel so much of a sense of “union and presence” and for the first time I am making a true Spiritual Communion and being sustained by it.
Passion Sunday was moving beyond words… I great hope for a blessed Holy Week, Triduum and joyous Easter in union with you and the Church.
I am with you every morning at 7:10 a.m. EST and when I can once again be present at Mass in person at my own parish I know that St. Mary’s Shrine will continue to be part of my days.

01/04/2020, USA
Dear FSSP Fathers:
Thank you so much for the Solemn High Mass broadcast this Passion Sunday. I am marooned here in the US under virtual lockdown, and it was wonderful to see the Holy Sacrifice with full ceremonial in your beautiful shrine. I hope that it will be possible to have sung daily Masses, if your circumstances permit. There’s nothing like it available elsewhere that I know of.

31 March 2020, USA
Dear Fathers,
I am writing to tell you how much I value your daily for Catholics to pray the traditional Latin Mass. I attend the Chapel of the … in N., USA. It is under the pastoral care of the FSSP where we have a traditional Latin Mass once a week on Sundays.
Since the lock down started due to the Virus, I have set aside a small part if my day to pray and view your daily Latin Masses. I plan to continue my devotions when we are delivered from the virus. I do have multiple health problems that make me fatigued at times.  Knowing that Live Mass.Net and particularly, St. Mary’s is on-line is truly a blessing.
God bless you all. Stay well.

31 March 2020
Hello Fathers! 
Greetings from …, Texas! First of all I’d like to thank you for your amazing ministry through LiveMass! In the midst of all the chaos in the world, y’all are truly a light in the darkness, a calm in the storm, to all of us in this difficult time.
As we were waiting for the (virtual) Holy Mass to begin in Sarasota this past Sunday (your 6am Mass is a little early for my 3 little ones!), we were blessed to be able to join you in Warrington for the Litany of Loreto, arranged so beautifully!

“20 March 2020: To our dear priests in Warrington,
Thank you so much for your beautiful liturgical celebrations in the past week, as always. Please be assured that although we are miles apart, we are all united with you in spirit every day. No pressure, but we eagerly await each homily for more spiritual guidance in these extraordinary times! Livemass is an amazing tool for good. And thank you for a beautiful polyphonic litany today for Our Lady! We filled the whole house with it from our little family “altar” where we have rigged up a screen linked to a laptop and speaker.” 

29 March 2020, England
Dear Fathers,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to ‘attend’ Masses at St Mary’s Shrine through livemass.net. You probably don’t remember me, but my wife and I joined you at Liverpool Art Gallery for your talk on the youth in art in 2016. It is great to be able to feel like part of your parish through the internet.
I am usually a parishioner of St … in …, a Novus Ordo Parish with a traditional Parish Priest, Fr …, who has introduced a first Friday Latin Mass to our Church.
Below is a picture of the St… branch of FSSP Warrington!

29 March 2020, USA
Thank you for broadcasting the traditional Latin Mass from Warrington, England. When you mentioned a musical rosary in the announcements today, you piqued my interest. Not only did I watch the Mass but followed along for the rosary. The organ accompaniment and chant were beautiful!

29 March 2020
Blessed Passion Sunday, I am a lifelong Catholic senior watching your mass online everyday from USA! I love your church and wish I could visit in person sometime. The Tridentine mass is as important to me as it was to St. Pio. With much gratitude to you all+++Can you tell me how it would be best to donate to your FSSP church in Warrington? I am not sure what method is best.
Thank you

29 March 2020
Deo Gratias! I am writing from Canada during the corona virus pandemic. I thank God for leading me to your church so that I can join in the celebration of the Eucharist! I have wept during the celebration and will always remember your beautiful church and priests in my prayers.

29 March 2020
Dear Dear Fathers,
Sincere thanks to you from the United States for your beautiful celebrations of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and for your profound and stirring homilies.  I can’t wait to get up in the morning to hear Mass online!
I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, so I guess we’re also “Lancashire men!”  From what I hear, that is where the Pilgrimage of Grace began.
God bless you and keep you all in good health.

27 March 2020
Dear Priests of St. Mary’s – During the quarantine, I have been attending your daily mass through LiveMass.net. Thank you!  And thank you for your beautiful priesthood and witness!  You are such a blessing to me and my family. I am lifting you and the FSSP in prayer. Even when public masses aren’t suspended, it is a real hardship and sacrifice to attend the TLM. My family and I drive 2-3 hours round trip every Sunday to attend the TLM and can rarely attend a weekday TLM since the only option is a 4-5 hour drive round trip.  My diocese is in apostasy, and I am surrounded by anything-goes NOM. I am very encouraged to know that even when public masses are restored, I can unite myself to the TLM during the week through LiveMass. My husband and I have also made a donation to support LiveMass.
I believe one fruit (among others) of this time will be more people drawn to the tradition of the Church. I have introduced my friends to you through LiveMass and have encouraged them to experience the TLM and the beautiful priests of FSSP.  I’m sure others are doing the same. Thank you for maintaining the beauty and tradition, especially during these uncertain times, with excellent homilies, chant, and prayers following mass.
Praised be Jesus Christ!
Virgo Potens, Ora pro nobis!
Yours in Christ, X. (MI U.S.A.)

[From a professional media person in the UK, 25 March 2020]:
Btw, having watched all the live streamings on Sunday l was very impressed with the Livemass streaming. It was by far the most professional looking having more than one camera and was clearly filmed by someone who understood the Mass. I think you may have been the only livestream with an organ which was a great joy to hear on such a strange day and of course the day in Lent when normally the organ can be heard. 
Keep up the good work because this is a lifeline to many Catholics at the moment and l think for many it will be a revelation to see the Latin Mass celebrated so beautifully. 

25 March 2020, Texas USA
I’ve been watching your Live Mass during the suspension of the Mass here in Dallas. Thank you for providing this service to the world. May God bless you and the other priests at Warrington FSSP for the work that they do.

25/03/2020 England
Thank you so much for providing Mass for us each day on Livemass.net. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. We lost the last 10 minutes or so today and on Saturday last…..it seemed to move to a live Mass from Florida….presumably because the Mass at Warrington had exceeded its normal time slot. Still we are not complaining. We are so fortunate to have access to it.

From Malaysia, 26/03/2020:
I am very much grateful to the fact that St Mary’s Shrine, Warrington streams Masses everyday – and it certainly has allowed me to follow Masses with my Missal, and this has given me encouragement as I am confined at home under these lock-down measures due to the spread of the Coronavirus.

24 March 2020, England
Thankyou for installing the iMass , it’s been lovely to attend mass and say a spiritual communion, at this uncertain times.

24/03/2020, England
Dear Father, Just a quick ”Thank You” from all of us to all of you and also to the Live Mass team for providing this spiritual lifeline.
Sunday was painful without actual attendance at Holy Mass, but it was nevertheless a beautiful grace to pray vie the livestream.
The hard work, including the synchronisation of cameras on stained glass with key points in the splendid sermon was appreciated.

“Dear Fathers, thank you for the Live Mass today [Sunday 22 March] on Internet! I was able to follow the Mass in Warrington from W. this morning. Good to know you’ve been prepared with this website for a few years. Also happy to see you both, even in such circumstances.”

England, 24/03/2020: from a family
“Dear Fathers, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful initiative in live streaming the Holy Mass. These are difficult times for us all and as your said in your sermon, we should be not satisfied with attending the Mass in this way. However, you are providing great comfort for many families globally in doing so. And what a beautiful church! God Bless, A., M. and …family.”

England, 24/03/2020
“Dear Fr …, A quick message to thank you for the amazing LiveMass transmissions. I followed for St Joseph, St Benedict and now Laetare – quite surreal (and sad) to see you sprinkling row upon row of empty pews! I must say the quality is superb and it is a wonderful resource to have in these extraordinary times (I’ve sent a small donation to LiveMass.net). God bless, J.”

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