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March 20, 2018

Family Catechism Day–Saturday 24 March

REMINDER: Those bringing children to this Saturday’s Family Catechism Day (24th March, Chesham Bois) are asked if possible to prepare your children by giving them a prayer card with an image of Jesus’ Holy Face on the Shroud of Turin and one of Our Lady of Guadalupe as miraculously produced and preserved on St Juan Diego’s tilma. If prayer cards cannot be found, then a little while studying the images below will help.

How much God desires to be close to us, to give us everything we need, so that He has arranged most tenderly that we have to this day an image of His incarnate Face, and a true image too of His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary! Both images show peace, humility, suffering, strength and an astonishing majesty–not the world’s version of power, but God’s.

As the theme for the Family Catechism Days on 3rd & 24th March will be the Incarnation, it is a perfect preparation for children or adults to gaze on these two beautiful faces of Jesus & Mary. The doctrines are very high, and the pictures very close; thought the greatest mind on earth cannot fathom them, even a child of five can love them.

Ecce mater tua” (Jn 19:27)
Qui videt me, videt et Patrem” (Jn 14:9)

Behold thy mother” (Jn 19:27)
Whoever has seen Me, has seen the Father” (Jn 14:9)

Non relinquam vos orphanos” (Jn 14:18)
I will not leave you orphans


Family Catechism Days 2018

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Church
30 Amersham Road
Chesham Bois

Dates (on 4th Saturdays)
24 Feb, 24 March, 28 April, 26 May, 23 June 2018

2 – 4pm: Catechism for Children*
followed by Altar Server Practice
4 – 4.30pm: Rosary & Benediction

7pm:              Talk for Adults on Love Defeats the anti-Christ (at the home of a local family–contact us for their address).


* Approximate schedule for catechism sessions: fiirst the children under 7 years-old (for about 10 minutes); then children aged about 7 to 12 years-old (for about 20 minutes); then teenagers 13 to 18 years-old (for about 40 minutes); then altar server training until 4pm, followed by the Holy Rosary and Benediction.

Families are invited to stay for as much of the programme as they wish. Tea and coffee will be available in an adjacent room.

The themes for the five Saturdays will be as follows:

Date Theme for Catechism (from 2pm) Theme for Evening Talk for Adults (from 7pm)
24 Feb The Holy Trinity Holy Mass–the greatest treasure on Earth
24 March The Incarnation Salvation is from the Jews”–Jn 4:22
28 April The Virgin Mary, the Apostles, the Angels Denying supernatural Revelation–the 1st beast of the Apocalypse?
26 May The Sacraments & the Church Denying natural Revelation–the 2nd beast of the Apocalypse?
23 June Sacred Scripture & Prayer Love Defeats the anti-Christ


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