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July 20, 2021

Family Sport Day

Sports Day at St Mary’s Wednesday 28th July (weather allowing)

(Click here for pics of a previous Sports Day.)

Meet in: Victoria Park, Knutsford Rd, WA4 1DQ, straight after Mass.

Directions: Upon entering via the main entrance, park on the right. Continue down the footpath, with the athletics stadium to the left and the play area on your right. There are rugby fields on your left. We meet on the patch of land opposite them (on your right- look for the bunting). Bring your own picnic and camping chairs/rugs.

Sports start at 2pm. We hope to finish before 4pm, though it depends a little on numbers.

Entrance fee= £2 politely requested towards costs.

All ages welcome, from tiny to tall! Bring grandparents and friends too, but please let me know the names and ages of children who will be entering so we can write some certificates in advance! 

The helpful hands of older siblings would be very much appreciated for identifying winners, writing certificates, staffing the start/finish lines, and generally keeping things running smoothly. If you would like to volunteer your older children for this, please do put them in touch! If anyone is able and willing to take responsibility for first aid, that would be great, too; please contact Alison Kahn (07840 072 641 or penketh.kahns@gmail.com)

The park is a public space, and parents are responsible for their children at all times– please keep a close eye on them!

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