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August 15, 2020

Five Years of the Bedford Latin Mass!

It was on Sunday 16 August 2015 that a congregation of 16 faithful gathered at Christ the King with Fr Daniel Horgan, who was celebrating the first Latin Mass there for many years. From those small beginnings that day, who would have thought that five years on, we would have a congregation of 160 over the current two Sunday Masses and a growing hybrid homeschooling Academy, with some families even moving into the area so that their children can attend the latter.

We have got to know a series of priests, in the early days on a rota system and in just under the last three years, from the FSSP, each priest an individual who through his ministry has opened up to us different aspects of the Faith. We have had the benefit of many challenging homilies and catechism sessions, and the humbling experience of recognising and facing up to our sins in the confessional, and the joy of receiving Absolution. We have knelt before Our Lord at Adoration afternoons, and received Him sacramentally at Mass. We have celebrated baptisms, First Holy Communions and weddings, shared joys, sorrows and many a good chat over a cup of coffee, with the new friends we have made.

For all this, we say wholeheartedly today “Deo Gratias”.

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