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March 29, 2018

Full Holy Week Schedule


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Maundy Thursday, 29 March

10am-11:30am Tenebrӕ: Gregorian chant (translation available)

11:30am-1pm Confessions

8:00pm Solemn Mass:

Spatzenmesse W A Mozart/Gregorian S,B,A; Ubi Caritas M Duruflé; Christus factus est G F Anerio ; Ave verum corpus W Byrd; Pange lingua Gregorian Tantum ergo T L da Victoria

9:30pm-midnight: Eucharistic adoration

Good Friday, 30 March – Fast & Abstinence

10am-11:30am Tenebrӕ: Gregorian chant (translation available)

11:30am-1pm Confessions

12noon Solemn Stations of the Cross

3:00pm Solemn Liturgy: Victoria, Lassus, Palestrina, Casals

Holy Saturday, 31 March

10am-11:30am Tenebrӕ: Gregorian chant (translation available)

2pm-4pm Confessions

10:00pm Solemn Easter Vigil followed by Solemn Mass (ending by 1am):

Messe Solennelle J Langlais ; Sicut cervus G da Palestrina; Laudate Domino A Lotti ; O filii et filiae V Leisring; Hallelujah G F Handel; Benedictus G da Palestrina; Organ: Allegro (Symphony VI) C M Widor

Easter Sunday, 1 April 

10:30am Confessions

11.00am Solemn Mass:

Missa Papae Marcelli G da Palestrina ; Haec dies W Byrd; Alleluia, dic nobis Maria J Capillas; Organ: Prelude and Fugue in B M Dupré

[Attention: No 6pm Sunday Mass. Normal daily schedule resumes on Monday 2 April.]

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