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June 27, 2019

Great pictures of Corpus Christi Procession in Warrington!

Deo gratias for a splendid fourth annual Corpus Christi procession on the external solemnity of the feast, last Sunday 23rd June 2019. People came from far and wide to walk by Our Lord and sing, giving this beautiful witness of the Eucharistic truth. See all pictures here.

Thank you to our servers, singers, clergy, canopy bearers, stewards, flower petals gatherers, to our talented photographer J.K., and worshippers in general. The procession went from St Mary’s Church Shrine to St Alban’s, the mother church of Warrington.

Shrine Rector Fr de Malleray, FSSP carried the monstrance, assisted by Fr Loewenstein FSSP and Fr Andrew Jolly. Fr Dave Heywood PP led the procession with permanent deacons from the deanery. At the kind invitation of Warrington Dean Canon Christopher Cuningham, Fr Heywood gave the final Benediction at St Alban’s.

Next year, we envisage starting the procession immediately following the end of our 11:00am Sunday Mass, to make it easier for people already present to attend.

‘Ecce panis angelorum factus cibus viatorum.’
[To learn more about the Holy Eucharist, visit https://www.lumenfidei.ie/product/ego-eimi-it-is-i/ ]

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