United Kingdom and Ireland
October 4, 2022

Mitre and Crook

by Fr Bryan Houghton (a reprint from the 1970s prophetic original).

Order: lms.org.uk/product/mitre-and-crook

Bishop Edmund Forester, looking out over his little diocese of Stamford, was distressed at what he saw. In the early 1970s, a pragmatic bishop decides to allow the traditional Mass to go on.

A novel unique in the annals of Catholic literature. It takes the form of letters from the bishop himself: a tough infighter—and a saint; a man of humility and charity—with a nose for humbug and an eye for the absurd. What emerges from these remarkable letters is a bishop for the ages. But along with this extraordinary man we are treated to what may be the most incisive analyses of the crisis in the Catholic Church ever to see print. What duller writers take chapters and books to say, Bishop Forester declaims in a few pages. And unforgettably.

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