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July 7, 2018

New Opportunity for Education

An update from the Regina Caeli UK Board, as reported on the Bedford Latin Mass blog:

In April, we had a very successful talk in Bedford from Regina Caeli, a hybrid academy in the Catholic tradition with thirteen centres in the U.S. More details of that talk are here: https://fssp.co.uk/rc-academies-combining-the-advantages-of-home-education-with-schools/

Since then we have secured a venue, formed a board of directors, and we are confident that, if it is God’s will, then we can open the doors during the month of the Holy Rosary, October 2018!

Key details:
The venue is Unity Hall, Barton Le Clay

Tutoring will occur on Mondays & Thursdays term time (32 week term, October to mid-June).

We intend to start with primary aged children (up to year 6, that is aged 10) – if families have children older than this and are ready to commit, please let us know and we will see whether we can accommodate them.

Fees will be as reasonable as possible, with significant sibling discounts for the third child onwards.

This fees will come down when more families enrol; the more families sign up, the lower the fees will be.

We are putting together the website and application forms as we speak!

Start Date

Our intention is to start in October 2018 — but this depends on the number of families we get!

Please let us know if you are in a interested in Regina Caeli from October 2018, by getting in touch here. If not, please let us know what is stopping you! We will arrange a Q&A over the coming weeks to provide further information.

Also if you have the relevant professional qualifications or experience in teaching and are interested in tutoring at the Academy, please let us know. There will be tuition discounts for staff members.

Whatever your involvement, please do keep Regina Caeli in your prayers! As you know, this is a ground breaking development in the UK designed to put parents back in charge of educating their children. The children will be given back the lost tools of learning so that they can understand the world which God created, debate our increasingly hostile culture and form their souls for Heaven!

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