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December 24, 2021

Pray for the Safeguarding of Roman traditions

Following the further restrictions announced by the Holy See last week, let us pray with deep faith, hope and charity for the traditional Roman liturgy to be preserved as a providential means of sanctification of souls.

This includes the welfare of the priestly and religious communities that offer it, in particular the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter whose Constitutions were definitively approved by the Holy See (cf https://www.fssp.org/en/decree-of-the-ecclesia-dei-commission-on-the-liturgical-books-of-1962/) and praised by Pope Francis through his papal nuncio on our 25th anniversary:

The Holy Father exhorts them, according to their own charism, to take an active part in the mission of the Church in the world of today, through the testimony of a holy life, a firm faith and an inventive and generous charity.

[emphases ours] (cf https://www.fssp.org/en/blessing-of-pope-francis-on-the-occasion-of-the-25th-anniversary-of-the-fssp/).

Read further on the reasons why traditional communities established by the Holy See deserve to be supported in their identity: https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2021/12/important-declaration-of-superior-of.html.

We will offer Holy Mass monthly to this intention, starting on 9th January.

May the special patrons of the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter intercede for us as they have done in the past: the Blessed Virgin Mary, St Peter the Apostle and St Thomas Aquinas.

Picture: An FSSP priest offers the traditional Latin Mass at the Tomb of St Peter in Rome on our 30th anniversary.

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