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Prayer Intentions

In your charity please remember the following intentions in your prayers:

Please pray for Christina, a good friend in London who is critically ill 
with Coronavirus.

Please pray for for my husband’s cousin, Geovanni, who is in a coma with 

  • Rachel says:

    To see my three grandchildren Isabella, Noah and Jemima after seven long years. I have barely met Noah and never met Jemima. They are 10, 7 and 5. Their father is a dangerous man hidden under cover of darkness. Please pray for me to see them and for my daughter to see the light. Rachel

  • Arthur Gange says:

    For Chao Feng, who is getting baptized in a few weeks.

  • John Bradley says:

    God bless the Parishioners of Christ the King Bedford.
    In your prayers I am advocating for the Traditional Latin Mass to be made available in Coventry. That a group can be formed to make this possible. In your charity your prayers are welcomed.
    John Bradley from Coventry.

  • Fatima says:

    For Fatima Nava, who is struggling with depression

  • Fatima says:

    Dearest all, could you please pray for the Monterrubio Family? their needs and intentions. Eternal rest of Marco Antonio Monterrubio
    Their business, physical and emotional health.

    God bless.

  • Mrs M Di Falco says:

    Private Family intentions

  • William Currie says:

    Please pray for baby Eliah who is critically ill at this time. Also for her family.

  • Fatima says:

    Dearest, please pray for the Monterrubio family, their needs and particular intention.

  • Dear Father/ Sisters,
    we ask you to join in the prayer for a miracle of healing for our newborn Margaret who is waiting for diagnosis. Parents- Marcin and Monika from Poland. God bless You.

  • Monika Pawlak says:

    Dear Father,
    we ask you to join in the prayer for a miracle of healing for our newborn Margaret who is waiting for diagnosis. Parents- Marcin and Monika from Poland. God bless You.

  • Annette Peart says:

    Thanksgiving for daughters recovery from stress issues-
    Vocations of marriage or consecrated life for my children
    Conversion of family members and close friends
    Love for my enemies
    Healing of old wounds of the heart

  • Francis Harwood says:

    Please pray for the repose of the souls of Fr John Feeley , Giles Harwood, Diana Harwood,
    John Rowley, Michael O’Connor & Naomi Mathews.

  • David Joyce says:

    Please pray for my mother, Anna Teresa Joyce, who is critically ill in hospital.

  • Fr Matthew Goddard says:

    Please keep patients in your prayers, that they can be ministered to sacramentally, especially if dying.

  • Fr Matthew Goddard says:

    Please pray for Jessie, a Catholic nurse at Reading’s local hospital, who works in a Covid19 ward and has young children and her elderly mother living with her.

  • Fr Matthew Goddard says:

    Please pray for Malcolm T from London, currently in the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading with Coronavirus.

  • Fr Matthew Goddard says:

    Please pray for Henri McSoley who has recently died of the virus.

In addition, please remember our sick and others of our community who are in need of prayer, including:

James Acheson, Josie Thomas, Nancy Cogel, the Eastwood, Coleman, Malone, Henry, Martinez, Lilliard, Davies & Smith families, Eleanor Chinkondenji, Ismeni Sellens, Michelle Pitt, Ann DeCruz, Mary Kennedy, Emily McCarthy, Ernest Carey, Patricia Grocott, Kieran McCarthy, Martin Reynolds, Mark Swallows, John Challis, David Gibbons, Mr & Mrs Walton, Dr Thornton.

Also, our deceased parishioners and loved ones: Stephen Coleman, Jenny & John Odey, Fr David Goddard, Oswald & Zacarina DeCruz, Ann Hewett, Patrick, Veronica & Emily Chinkondenji, Tim Roberts, Valerie Hay-Essen, John Pitt, Erik Wyss, Raphael Rozo, Richard Konzal, John O’Brian, Margaret Ogilvie, Sheenagh Reynolds, Edward Stratton, Nyarai Chima, Elizabeth Berkeley, Eugene Battersby, Valerie Maltin, Marcelo, Frank & Karen Henry, Ronald Warwick, Richard Buttery, Lucy Jebb, Jo Rueth, John Robertson, David& Monica Black, Rebecca Hulatt, Debora Rooke, John & Philomena Anderson-Dixon, Adriana Donahue, Megan Louis-Marie, Tony Price, Tristram Eastwood, Peter Driver & Anne Read. Requiescant in pace!

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