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Prayer Intentions

In your charity please remember the following intentions in your prayers:

Please pray for Christina, a good friend in London who is critically ill 
with Coronavirus.

Please pray for for my husband’s cousin, Geovanni, who is in a coma with 

  • Igor i Ana Kakuk says:

    Please pray for the resurrection of the marriage for the life of Ana and Igor, for the resurrection of marital love
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  • Victoria Adams says:

    The Sealy family and the repose of their late little child Martin Sealy

  • Anne says:

    Please pray for dad to have a full recovery. He’s currently intubated and sedated after a respiratory arrest. They are going to try to extubate him tomorrow. Please 🙏 he can manage without any problems.

  • Holly Bradfield says:

    Please pray for the poor souls in purgatory and for the soul of my departed granny, Vera Bradfield, that she may be united with our Lord in heaven for all eternity

  • Lord help us we stay married all these years. I love my wife Cindy so very much. I was ordained on September 8, 1996 The Feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos. I been my Chutch since I was twelve years old. My wife and I have been together since we were teenagers. I always keep my beautiful Wedding Ring and Collar on. I keep both my arms on. I want our Holy Sacraments back.

  • Mary Kennedy says:

    Please pray for my cousin Veronica who is very ill with Cancer.

  • John Szurek says:

    Hi, please pray for the souls of my departed family and friends especially on the Feast of the Holy Souls during the Octive of Holy Souls:
    Shannon Dahly, Barb Altenweig, Deacon Palkert, Joan & John Klinkner, Pete & Bonnie Crema, Grandpa Dave, Katie Litzke, Otto Laustin, Bob Jensen, Rick H, Dick Dubey, John Rogers, Roger Aurel, Bro Michael, Michael R, Michael Hayford, Dr Bill Staley, Gene Brown, Don Frank, Uncle Bill and Aunt Peg Simons, Myrtle and Matthew Szurek, Mazi & Grampie Morse, Marjorie & Blaine Morse, Robert and Julia Brixius, Anna and Fred Wurst, Fred & Tommi Wurst, Jeanette & Don Ploof, Jack Radijz, Linda Radijz, Gordy Brixius, Uncle Buzz & Aunt Bee Morse, Uncle Brad & Aunt Linda Morse, Uncle Dave Morse, Lynn Susik, Debbie Szurek, Verd Anez, Marv O’Donnell, Lucy Struzyk, Lou Harris, Lou R, Carrol Leverentz, Shiela Prokot, Harold Bauermeister, Harold Osmoe, Steve Melcher, Dad Olson

  • Ethna Foran says:

    Please pray for the people of Ukraine at this terrible time of war.

  • Tim Charles says:

    Please pray for my Downs Syndrome daughter, Claire, in supported living in a New Agey establishment that she and her peers be supprted to pratise their catholic faith and for social services involvemnt and restrictions to cease

  • Frank Fields says:

    Hi, could you please include my extended family, friends & benefactors in your prayer intentions? Many thanks

  • Jonathan says:

    For healing, and the swift and loving reunion of Jon and Kat.

  • Annette Peart says:

    Thanksgiving for daughters recovery from stress issues-
    Vocations of marriage or consecrated life for my children
    Conversion of family members and close friends
    Love for my enemies
    Healing of old wounds of the heart

  • Francis Harwood says:

    Please pray for the repose of the souls of Fr John Feeley , Giles Harwood, Diana Harwood,
    John Rowley, Michael O’Connor & Naomi Mathews.

  • David Joyce says:

    Please pray for my mother, Anna Teresa Joyce, who is critically ill in hospital.

  • Fr Matthew Goddard says:

    Please keep patients in your prayers, that they can be ministered to sacramentally, especially if dying.

  • Fr Matthew Goddard says:

    Please pray for Jessie, a Catholic nurse at Reading’s local hospital, who works in a Covid19 ward and has young children and her elderly mother living with her.

  • Fr Matthew Goddard says:

    Please pray for Malcolm T from London, currently in the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading with Coronavirus.

  • Fr Matthew Goddard says:

    Please pray for Henri McSoley who has recently died of the virus.

In addition, please remember our sick and others of our community who are in need of prayer, including:

James Acheson, Josie Thomas, Nancy Cogel, the Eastwood, Coleman, Malone, Henry, Martinez, Lilliard, Davies & Smith families, Eleanor Chinkondenji, Ismeni Sellens, Michelle Pitt, Ann DeCruz, Mary Kennedy, Emily McCarthy, Ernest Carey, Patricia Grocott, Kieran McCarthy, Martin Reynolds, Mark Swallows, John Challis, David Gibbons, Mr & Mrs Walton, Dr Thornton.

Also, our deceased parishioners and loved ones: Stephen Coleman, Jenny & John Odey, Fr David Goddard, Oswald & Zacarina DeCruz, Ann Hewett, Patrick, Veronica & Emily Chinkondenji, Tim Roberts, Valerie Hay-Essen, John Pitt, Erik Wyss, Raphael Rozo, Richard Konzal, John O’Brian, Margaret Ogilvie, Sheenagh Reynolds, Edward Stratton, Nyarai Chima, Elizabeth Berkeley, Eugene Battersby, Valerie Maltin, Marcelo, Frank & Karen Henry, Ronald Warwick, Richard Buttery, Lucy Jebb, Jo Rueth, John Robertson, David& Monica Black, Rebecca Hulatt, Debora Rooke, John & Philomena Anderson-Dixon, Adriana Donahue, Megan Louis-Marie, Tony Price, Tristram Eastwood, Peter Driver & Anne Read. Requiescant in pace!

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