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October 25, 2018

PRIORY CAMPAIGN: More Prayers Needed!

Official Campaign page here.

We are so DEEPLY GRATEFUL to all of you from all over the UK and abroad for the £541,256.36 raised since 18 July.

In addition, there is about £50,000.00 of Gift Aid: but this money will be sent to us by HM Revenue too late for purchase: it can only be used for conversion work later on. Put simply then, we are still short of £208,743.64 to buy even only ONE of the two buildings. 
Please pray that the vendor will let us buy even part of one building for a just price. We hope to reach an agreement this week, please God.

Should you know of anyone willing to purchase space in the adjacent buildings via the FSSP, please put them in touch with us: malleray@fssp.org. The condition is to be able to transfer at least £83,300.00 to a designated bank account with the intention of becoming owner of at least one floor of the building (i.e. for 79.31 square meters, or 853 square feet, plus parking space), which could either remain an office, or later be turned into a flat, as the new owner preferred.

What happen if – worst case scenario – we are prevented from buying the building(s) soon? Then we will use your donation to extend and improve significantly our current presbytery for pastoral use and priests’ living quarters. Thank you wholeheartedly for your generosity!

You may now send your donations, making the cheque or bank transfer payable to ‘FSSP ENGLAND’ (writing ‘Priory Campaign’ on the back of your cheque or in the bank transfer reference). 
Account Name: FSSP England • Account number: 02027225 • Sort code 30-93-04 • Lloyds Bank, Palmerston Road Branch • Gift Aid number on request.

Alternatively: use our PayPal button here https://fssp.co.uk/donate/, typing ‘Priory Campaign’ as reference.

Contact malleray[at]fssp.org for any inquiries.

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