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October 1, 2021

Pro-life October

A message from Fr Philomeno James, of the Gosport Franciscans


Ave Maria 


We are trying to take the 40days Campaign onto a New level. This involves the training of Pavement Counsellors who can engage the Mother’s in “Crisis” at the  vigil. There are certain guidelines to follow. Perhaps Jesus and Mary are calling you to this most important ministry.

As part of your response to prayer, if you are called to be generous and try this vital apostolate, then we must mention some important points.

(1) The Necessity to have watched the Msr Philip Reilly Video on “Sidewalk Counselling” before the meeting on Sunday Night October 3rd at St. Mary’s Warrington, given by Justyna from GCN.

The link to the seminar is below:

(2) The generosity to spend 2 hours at the Vigil on either Tuesday October 05th or Wednesday October 06th to be trained as a LIVE Observer of Justyna who will attend the Vigil and provide “on the job” training. This may even involve you to make a shift swap or take some hours off if you work.

Please pray. Please be generous. Please give a voice to the voiceless, our poor brothers and sisters waiting for your “YES”.

God Bless and Mary Keep You All

Fr Philomeno James


Prayer Vigil outside Liverpool abortuary from 6am-9pm until October 31st when the Autumn Campaign officially finishes.

Volunteers can contact Gabrielle Stanley at liverpool40daysforlife@gmail.com

or 07895128073 if you would like to participate in the Liverpool 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil or if you have any questions about the Prayer vigil.

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