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September 24, 2019

Record Mass Attendance at Bedford last Sunday? Sung Mass and Catechism this Sunday.

Every year for their statistics, the Diocese asks us to count the number of people attending Mass for four consecutive Sundays.  The first of these was last Sunday and our count was 111!   We think this could be a new record for the Bedford Latin Mass.

There are two big attractions next Sunday to keep the numbers up. Firstly, Matthew Schellhorn is with us to sing Mass for the Dedication of St Michael Archangel, which as always will be beautiful and uplifting.  Then starting at 10.30, we have Family Catechism in three groups: the under 8s will have a Bible Study, the under 16s will be looking at the first of the Ten Commandments, and the over 16s will be delving into the Old Testament.  Fr Patrick O’Donohue will be leading these talks in the Patrick Donegan Room.  And there’s tea and coffee in the hall between Mass and Catechism.

Sunday morning is going to be great!  Do come and join us and see if we can get the numbers even higher!

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