United Kingdom and Ireland
August 3, 2019

Special Assumption celebrations 14-15 August

All-night vigil for all

starting on Wednesday 14th August at 9:00pm (after Men’s Group), ending at 6:30am; 

alternating Stations of the Cross, Holy Rosary and silent adoration.

Tea/coffee breaks at will in Cloister.

Put your name down on Vigil Sheet in Narthex to ensure the Lord is never left without adorers. Of course any one can choose to pray for an hour only: it does not have to be either the entire night, or nothing.

Church car park and street gates open all night.

At 6:30am, Low Mass of the Assumption. 12:10pm Low Mass and 7:00pm Sung Mass.

Please note that every able Catholic must attend Holy Mass on the Assumption under penalty of grave sin: ask your priest in advance if unsure.

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