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December 17, 2022

St Mary’s Sunday Bulletin 18 Dec 22

Frs de Malleray, Verrier, Stewart and Quirke, with Fr Jolly, wish you a blessed feast of the Nativity of the Lord and assure you of their prayer at the altar. They thank you for your dedication and support to the liturgical, devotional and material life at St Mary’s Shrine.
CONFESSIONS: 24 Dec: 11:40am-12:05pm; 11:00pm-11:50pm; 25 Dec: 10:30am-10.55am
Kindly consider:
☞Attending Holy Mass at Christmas is a grave obligation for every able Catholic.
To receive Holy Communion: one must be a Catholic, in the state of grace, one-hour fasting at least. In the traditional liturgy, Holy Communion is received kneeling (unless unable to) and always on the tongue. Thank you in advance.
FSSP clergy do not retain Christmas and Easter collections for personal use. All Christmas collections will be used for the day-to-day running of St Mary’s Shrine (which includes the food, lodgings, pension allowance and salary of your priests). Should you wish to donate money to the clergy, kindly specify it on your envelope.
What else to give our clergy? Thank you for your gifts in kind. If in bottles: red or white wines are best because they can be shared at meals on Sundays and feasts. Thank you!
Most clergy will be on vacation from 25th Dec after Vespers. Kindly postpone all non-essential requests until Sunday 1st Jan. Daily Mass and confessions continue as normal.

St Mary’s Shrine Church Bulletin

18 Dec 2022-1 Jan 2023 (fortnightly)

Smith Street, Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 2NS, England

Served by the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter by appointment from the RC Archdiocese of Liverpool

01925 635664 fssp.org.uk/warrington      facebook.com/fssp.england

Rector: Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP malleray@fssp.org; Assistants: Fr Ian Verrier, FSSP (also Choir & Organ) iverrier@fssp.org; Fr Alex Stewart, FSSP (any Mass bookings) astewart@olgseminary.org; Fr Gerard Quirke: frquirke@outlook.com; Visiting Priest: Fr Andrew Jolly; Shrine Secretary: Mrs Jane Wright: warrington@fssp.org

Receive this newsletter by email https://fssp.org.uk/manageprofile/index.php

Daily Holy Mass readings: www.divinumofficium.com/cgi-bin/missa/missa.pl

Vespers: https://www.divinumofficium.com/cgi-bin/horas/officium.pl

Opening Times:

Sundays: 8:30am to 7:00pm 

3 Sunday Holy Masses 9:00am, 11:00am & 6:00pm;

Sung Vespers & Benediction 5:00pm; Confessions 8:30am-8:55am, 10:30am-10:55am & 5:30pm-5:55pm

Weekdays: 9:00am-6:20pm (Confessions 11:40am-12:05pm; Holy Mass 12:10pm)

Saturdays: 9:00am-6:20pm (Eucharistic Adoration 10:00am-12noon, with Confessions 10:05am-11:45am; Holy Mass 12:10pm); Sung Vespers 6:00pm

Confessions 30mins before every Mass every day

Holy Rosary Mon-Fri 11:30am; Sat 11am; Sun 4:30pm

Stations of the Cross Mon & Fri, 1:00pm

Mothers’ Prayer Group: Wed 1:00pm

Holy Souls Prayer Group: every Tuesday 1:00pm

Church & Priory Court car parks for Shrine visitors

Bookshop Unit 3 Open Sun 12:25pm-1:00pm.

Daily Holy Mass online with homily: on LiveMass.net > Warrington: Sun 11:00am; Mon-Sat 12:10pm, and the same on demand 24hrs after 3pm upload for weekday Masses, and over 7 days for latest Sunday Mass.

Eucharistic Adoration: Sun 5:30pm; Sat 10:00am-12noon; 1st Fri 7:40pm-8:40pm; most Wed. afternoon after classes

Men’s group: Monthly 7:00pm Mass + Talk

St Mary’s Academy: Mon and Thu 8:30am-3:30pm

All must dress modestly in church out of reverence for God and of respect for fellow-worshippers. Kindly switch OFF your mobile phone before you enter the church. Thank you in advance.

Safeguarding: If you have concerns about children or vulnerable adults, please contact the Archdiocesan Safeguarding Department: m.robson@rcaol.org.uk or 0151 522 1013, or speak with Clare Fraser, St Mary’s Safeguarding Officer. Thank you for your awareness.

St Mary’s viewed from America: Rachel Schrader, British-born Catholic journalist who visited us last September wrote a great article on St Mary’s Shrine : https://www.goodcatholic.com/the-british-bells-of-st-marys-an-american-finds-home-on-an-english-street/.

Priory Court Project: please pray for an important decision to be made shortly, please God.

FSSP Superior General visits Warrington clergy: For the first time since the Covid interruption, Fr Andrzej Komorowski, FSSP was able to visit the priests at St Mary’s Priory in Warrington, as part of a customary triennial visitation of our houses in Reading, Warrington and Edinburgh. The Superior General spent time with every priest to hear how they are doing in community life and in their ministry.

May be an image of 5 people and people standing

On a further occasion, a meeting with the parishioners will be planned, but there was not enough time this week before Fr Komorowski flew back for a Council meeting in Switzerland – before flying to our parish in Nigeria where he will spend Christmas under a much, much warmer climate than we had here this week.

Fr Komorowski knows well our part of the world, having served in England in 2008 (London and Bedford), and having stayed many times in Ireland. Please pray for him and for all superiors.

Welcome to our seminarians on holiday from 26th December. We hope to catch up with David in Warrington. Please pray for many more priests! Visit https://fssp.org.uk/about-the-confraternity/

Sick priest: Fr Krzysztof Sanetra, FSSP, who was ordained in our church with Fr Stewart on 17 June 2017 was diagnosed with severe lung infection and remained in hospital in a critical condition for several weeks. Thankfully he is cured and about to return to Canada to resume his priestly ministry there.

Shrine expenses grow quicker than income. This is not surprising since our parishioners are affected by the economic difficulties. However, if you are in a position to contribute personally or to alert benefactors on our needs, even though they don’t live in Warrington, please share our bank account details below with them this Advent and Christmas.

Thank you for helping us through the Offertory collection and standing orders. Should any parishioner be in serious financial difficulty, let them contact the Shrine clergy confidentially.

Support St Mary’s Shrine: send your donation via our Donate page: https://fssp.co.uk/donate/. Ask us for a Gift Aid form to increase your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you. Gift Aid envelopes can be obtained from our Secretariat. Standing orders are easier and quicker for us to process than cash: Lloyds Bank; Sort Code: 30-80-27; Account number: 30993368. Account name: FSSP Warrington

Now 762 subscribers to St Mary’s YouTube channel: Homilies for Sundays and major feasts are uploaded regularly. Visit www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NVY7jpDIhANiwjng1gN0w

Watch homily on the Immaculate Conception here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_lC9WG2m9E

Pray for: Michelle Brazier-Huelsman, Anne Drury,Deryck Sankey, Ray Cilia, James H., Tim Wright, Michael Leacy, Wendy Moss, Bill Conder, Greta Doyle, Dorothea Wallace, M. Hawley; Theresa Reynard, Hilda Creagan. RIP: We were recently informed that Lilian Reay, a long-time choir member of St Mary’s before the FSSP took over, passed away last October. Pray for her soul and for those of Ana Mary Rozo, Peter Wright, Fr John Gildea; Ann Evans; Michael Whelan; John Marechal.

Sun184th Sunday of AdventI9:00amChristopher Crookall
  5pm Sung Vespers and Benediction of the 11:00amAll St. Mary’s Faithful
  Blessed Sacrament 6:00pmDavid McGloughlin
Mon19Feria in AdventII12:10pmDeceased of Michelle Yau
Tue20Feria in AdventII12:10pmFr Quirke
Wed21St. Thomas, ApostleII12:10pmJohn & Anne Norris RIP
Thur22Feria in AdventII12:10pmFr Stewart FSSP
Fri23Feria in AdventII12:10pmAaran Fegan
Sat24Vigil of the Nativity of Our Lord Adoration 10am-12noonI12:10pmMichael Leung & Family
  Confessions 10:10am-11:45am; Vespers 6pm; Christmas Carols 11:30pm, with Confessions until 11:55pm   
Sun25The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus ChristI00:00amThe Priory Court Project 
  5pm Sung Vespers and Benediction of the Blessed  9:00amConfraternity St. Peter Members
  Sacrament. NO 6:00pm Mass this Sunday. 11:00amAll St. Mary’s Faithful
Mon26St. Stephen, ProtomartyrII12:10pmPatrick Keenan
Tue27St. John, Apostle and EvangelistII12:10pmAgnes & Sophia Chau
Wed28Feast of the Holy InnocentsII12:10pmSt. Mary’s Pro-Life intentions
Thur29St. Thomas of Canterbury, Bishop, MartyrI12:10pmSr Mari Caritas
Fri306th Day in the Octave of the Nativity of Our LordII12:10pmPeter Hunt & Family
Sat317th Day in the Octave of the Nativity of Our LordII12:10pmGraham Stamp
  Adoration & Confessions 10.00-12.00 Vespers 6pm   
Sun1Octave Day of the Nativity of Our LordI9:00amSheila Stamp
  5pm Vespers and Benediction of the 11:00amAll St. Mary’s Faithful
  Blessed Sacrament 6:00pmTerence Keenan

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