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February 28, 2020

Sunday 1st March 2020 Bulletin

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(St Thomas Aquinas, the greatest Doctor of the Church)

Preparation Courses for First Holy Communion (to be conferred on Corpus Christi Sunday, 14th June, 11am) and for Confirmation (to be conferred on Sat. 18th July, 3pm by Archbishop McMahon of Liverpool). Both courses will begin on 15th March and every following Sunday 9:45am-10:45am.

1) For First Holy Communion course, please contact roger.gilbride@fssp.org as soon as possible if you want (or your child) to be included.

2) For Confirmation course, please contact henrywhiz@hotmail.com as soon as possible. Confirmation candidates from outside the Liverpool Archdiocese are welcome with a statement of due preparation from their pastor. Please note: we reserve the right to postpone admission to either sacrament if a candidate has missed sessions and is not ready to receive.

[Updated on 4th March 2020:] Our Lenten Shrine community alms this year will go to Cenacolo, a community helping people suffering from addictions. Pray for the work of the Cenacolo Community and the individuals and their families that need help to ‘walk from the darkness of addiction’ to healing through God’s Love and Grace.

Please donate cash in envelopes clearly labelled ‘Cenacolo’. Please note: FSSP Warrington is exclusively responsible for this initiative and will personally transfer the amount collected to the Cenacolo Community as a Lenten offering from our Shrine community to Cenacolo UK. The only valid contact details for Cenacolo UK are available on their website: https://cenacolouk.org/.

First Women’s Group Meeting, Sat. 7th March, 1pm: After (optional) 10am-12noon adoration and 12:10pm Holy Mass, bring and share packed lunch to Shrine Hall, followed by talk by Fr Henry Whisenant.

Any women from 18 to 118 welcome!

Brand new Baronius hand missals for only £35.00 each! St Mary’s Shrine being such a good customer, Baronius Press granted us a major discount on their public price of £53.95 + shipping (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Daily-Missal-1962-Baronius-Press/dp/0954563123). Hand your £35 in cash to a priest and he will give you your precious new hand missal. Make sure to stick a large label with your name on the outside cover of the missal (and inside as well), as about 100 other copies are used at St Mary’s.

St Patrick’s Party, Tuesday 17th March: 6pm shared Irish dishes followed by 7pm film. Please bring some IRISH CHEESES, SODA BREADS, DRINKS/WINES (email roger.gilbride@fssp.org to find out where you can buy those). At 7pm, showing of the EWTN Film ‘Bravery Under Fire’ about the life of Irish Fr William Doyle, SJ (90 mins). Fr Doyle is considered a ‘Martyr of Charity’ as he died on the battlefield of Ypres in WWI rescuing wounded soldiers (www.fatherdoyle.com).

New Video on ‘Parents as Heroes and Saints’ by Fr de Malleray:

Juventutem London – 17 January 2020 – Homily

On the feast of St. Anthony the Abbot, Fr De Malleray, FSSP, begins his homily by reflecting on the family. To be a parent and spouse in contemporary culture is heroic. It is a historic time for antagonism against the family and yet God loves families. He created the first family. Reflecting on the Holy Family inspires us of this truth. God decided to belong to a family. The second person of the Trinity, became the son of a woman, Our Lady, and the foster son of St. Joseph. From the beginning of our race, God expressed His will that humanity should be propagated through family. The first end of marriage is procreation and education of children. The second end of marriage is mutual support of the spouses. Parents have the glorious task of assisting God with populating heaven with new worshippers of the most Holy Trinity. This means not only to beget children but also to raise children to love God. The proof of a successful Christian education is the good example of virtue and the assistance lent by children to their parents and neighbours in need. So families are our heroes; because God wants families. But the world hates families. The world wants to take control of the family, of parents, of children. Why? Because the family as willed by God is the best school of sanctification for children and adults in the world. The world, being inimical to God, wants to control every man and every woman as if God did not exist. Family is the core cell of society. Christian families are domestic churches. Families are where children learn to lead life in common, to share, to listen, to obey, to trust, to serve, to love. Nowhere better than in the family can virtue be acquired. This in turn benefits society at large. Happy and stable families bring balanced and helpful itizens into the world. On the contrary, when families are weak or broken, then addiction, suicide, violence and crime increase. Fr then affirms a truth that soon, could be criminalised: parents are the primary educators of their children. They have this responsibility by natural right since they begot them. The state or any other institution, may assist the parents in the education of the children – but it must be the parent who decides if so. The state has no right to force “eduction” upon children against the parents’ will, especially sexual perversion classes. The state and other institutions may step in to provide for the children’ education if the parents cannot, yet always respecting natural law and divine law. Parental rights: the confiscation of the parental right by the state is the necessary bent of godless societies. This confiscation has been tried and implemented by every tyranny, but most successfully in recent times. Communism, Nazism, and now Hedonist Relativism. On the contrary, healthy families make prosperous countries. Some examples of what a state worthy of the name should do: Firstly, in its duty to families, the state must provide adequate housing; every family is entitled to own a house. Second: the state must facilitate the transition of the family home from one generation to the next, by not claiming inheritance tax. Thirdly, society must accept that women cannot be replaced in nurturing life and in making the home a place of peace, order, and happiness. This is essential to ordering a society towards salvation. We are bound for eternity, but family life is our best preparation for a happy eternity with God. The supreme service women in the world can give to humanity is fostering life. It has been a great success of cultural communism to persuade the Western world that housewives are a waste. To achieve this lie, the godless have used cinema, literature, sociology, and the parliaments, to powerful effect. The truth is that mothers in the homes are queens. Women raising their children are heroines. Wives investing all they energies and skills into shaping new children of God are among the greatest benefactresses of mankind. Fourth: the authority of the husband and father must be upheld and praised, as described by St. Paul. “He must love his wife as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for her.” Fr then mentions a recently released film A Hidden Life, which depicts an authentically-lived Catholic manhood. Fifth: marriage must be protected by law as a permanent and exclusive bond of fidelity between a man and woman in order to raise children. Sixth: pornography, contraception, abortion, surrogacy, IVF, must be curbed and ultimately disappear as contrary to the dignity of men and women, of parents, and of society. Fr then quotes from Pope Francis on the family, highlighting its place in the Christian life. Fr concludes points out that he has been addressing these issues from the perspective of civil society – but ultimately it is about grace and eternity. Securing a natural order benefits the supernatural order. Strong families make strong countries – and strong countries, inspired by the Catholic faith, prepare a blessed eternity with God. This is what we must all have in mind when praying before the crib and while praying for families. Indeed, individual families are cherished units of the larger family of God, that is, His Holy Church. In the “Hanc Igitur” prayer, the celebrant refers to the Church as the family of God. Fr finishes the sermon by inviting those who might be called to family to beg the Holy Family to inspire, to guide, to heal, and sanctify a;l families. This way parents will not only be heroes, but with their children, they will be saints.

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Diocesan Safeguarding Training session at St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School, near St Benedict’s Church: at the end of Quebec Road, WA2 7SB, Thursday 19th March, 7pm. Free. With the participation of Frs Dave Heywood and Armand de Malleray FSSP.

Mass of Thanksgiving for Converts: Sat 21st March, 12:10pm.

Any converts and their families and friends, especially those received or baptised at St Mary’s in the past four years, are heartily invited to attend this Mass and join our wider community in giving thanks to God for the gift of faith and of belonging to the Church. It will be an opportunity to meet with other converts. Adults under instruction to become Catholics or simply with interest in Catholicism are very welcome to attend as well. Please bring and share lunch in Shrine Hall at 1pm. Arrive earlier if you can for a time of Eucharistic Adoration in thanksgiving for the same intention, from 10am (with confessions).

Dowry Magazine: https://fssp.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/2020-02-03-Dowry-44-FINAL-online.pdf.

Feast of the Annunciation, Wed 25th March: Low Mass at 8:00am, Solemn Mass at 12:10pm; Low Mass at 7:00pm (exceptionally open to ALL, before the usual 8pm Men’s Group talk).

The re-dedication of England by our bishops as Our Lady’s dowry will take place at 12noon on Sunday, 29th March, 2020. St Mary’s will host special events on that day.

Congratulations to our parishioner Martin Turner and his fiancée Georgie Burrows, who were united in Holy Matrimony by Archbishop Malcolm McMahon in Liverpool Cathedral on 28th February. We assure them of our prayer.

Educational Initiative Regina Caeli Academy – coming soon to the North of England!


Our new Priory buildings give hope for increased educational opportunities at St Mary’s. A meeting here will be announced soon for all those interested, most likely on a Sunday afternoon.

Next trek with Juventutem Young Adults (18-35): 14th March: to Macclesfield. Meet us at St Mary’s at 10:30am (after optional 9:30am Trekkers’ Mass) or meet us traight at St Albans Catholic church, SK11 8DJ at 11:30am, bringing waterproof clothing and appropriate footwear. We will also have a pub lunch.  (Further dates: 18th April; 16th May). Contact helena.waddelove@hotmail.co.uk.

Also, Juventutem Summer Weekend near London 3-5 July 2020.

Also, CHARTRES Pilgrimage: 30th May-1st June 2020 with Frs de Malleray and Whisenant. Contact Pippa: pippajcurran97@gmail.com.

40 Days for Life, MANCHESTER: Help save lives this Lent by praying for an end to abortion in our community. Web www.40daysforlife.com/local-campaigns/manchester-2/ Tel 07810 791032.

Mass Intentions:

(Other intentions were applied over the past 2 weeks at private Masses. Please ask Fr Whisenant for details.)

Sun 1 1st Sunday of Lent11:00am
Thanksgiving to the Bl. Virgin Mary
Dr Gordon Brydon RIP
Mon 2 Feria • Stations for Priests 1pm 12:10pm Michelle & Lee Austin
Tue 3 Feria 12:10pm Ursula Emsden RIP
Wed 4 Ember Day • Mothers’ Prayer Group 1pm Men’s group: Mass, Talk, Q’s & A’s, Compline 12:10pm 7:00pm Francis McGurk RIP David Hall RIP
Thu 5 Feria 12:10pm Theresa Crookall
Fri 6 Ember Day • Stations for Priests 1pm • First Friday Evening Mass & Adoration 12:10pm 7:00pm Peter J Wallace RIP Bridget Hannah
Sat 7   Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament St Thomas Aquinas (II Class Feast for FSSP) 10:00am 12:10pm The renewal of purity in our culture Confraternity
Sun 8 2nd Sunday of Lent 11:00am 6:00pm Martin Turner & Georgina Burrow Doreen McAleer
Mon 9 Feria • Stations for Priests 1pm 12:10pm        Brenda Hancox
Tue 10 Feria  12:10pm Daniel Jones
Wed 11 Feria  Mothers’ Prayer Group 1pm • Men’s group: Mass, Talk, Q’s & A’s, Compline 12:10pm 7:00pm Phenenna Thompson Margaret & Arthur Felton
Thu 12 Feria 12:10pm Josephine Taylor
Fri 13 Feria • Stations for Priests 1pm 12:10pm Nicola Barrat
Sat 14 Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament Feria 10:00am 12:10pm The success of 40 Days for Life
Bernadette, Patrick & Family
Sun 15 3rd Sunday of Lent 11:00am
Brenda Smith RIP Marjorie Fox RIP

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