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March 13, 2021

Sunday Bulletin 14 March 21

Welcome to our First-Time Visitors! We are glad to share with you the beauty and depth of the traditional Latin Mass. Feel welcome to ask us about silence, Holy Communion on the tongue, the use of Latin, etc. Most people here came across this form of the Mass within the past few years or months. Like you they were perplexed at first. Now they treasure it. Find out more on lms.org.uk/faqs

St Mary’s Shrine Church Bulletin

14 March 21 (fortnightly)

Smith Street, Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 2NS, England

Served by the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter by appointment from the RC Archdiocese of Liverpool.

01925 635664



Rector: Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP           malleray@fssp.org

Assistant: Fr Ian Verrier, FSSP (also Choir & Organ)            iverrier@fssp.org

Assistant: Fr Alex Stewart, FSSP (any Mass bookings)         astewart@olgseminary.org

Visiting Priest: Fr Andrew Jolly

Shrine Secretary: Mrs Jane      Wright:warrington@fssp.org

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Daily Holy Mass readings:


Opening Times:

Sundays: 8:30am-1:00pm & 5:00pm-7:00pm 

3 Holy Masses 9:00am, 11:00am & 6:00pm;

Sung Vespers & Benediction 5:00pm; Confessions 8:30-8:55am, 10:30am-11:00am & 5:30pm-6:00pm

Weekdays: 11:00am-1:30pm (Confessions 11:40am-12:05pm; Holy Mass 12:10pm)

Saturdays: 10:00am-1:30pm (Eucharistic Adoration 10:00am-12noon, with ongoing Confessions; Holy Mass 12:10pm)

Daily Holy Mass online with homily: on LiveMass.net > Warrington: Sun 11:00am; Mon-Sat 12:10pm, and the same on demand 24hrs after 3pm upload for weekday Masses, and over 7days for Sunday Mass.

To receive Holy Communion: one must be a Catholic, in state of grace, one-hour fasting at least. In the EF liturgy, Holy Communion is received kneeling (unless unable to) and always on the tongue. Thank you in advance.

All must dress modestly in church out of reverence for God and of respect for fellow-worshippers. Chest and limbs must be covered down to elbows and knees at least. No sportswear. Sunday best should be worn by all on Sundays and feasts: suit and tie for men and boys, dresses for women and girls. Men keep their heads uncovered within church; women are encouraged to wear a scarf, hat or mantilla. Thank you.

Switch OFF your mobile phone before you enter our church. Letting it ring inside the church gravely disturbs the quiet of the sacred place. Thank you for your consideration.

 Safeguarding: If you have concerns about children or vulnerable adults, please contact the Archdiocesan Safeguarding Department on 0151 522 1043 or e-mail safeguarding@rcaol.co.uk, or speak with Clare Fraser, St Mary’s Safeguarding Officer. Thank you for your awareness.

EXTRA 9:00am Sunday Mass: we are adding a third Sunday Mass starting this Sunday:

8:30am Confessions

►►► 9:00am Low Mass ◄◄◄

10:30am Confessions

11:00am Sung Mass

5:00pm Sung Vespers

5:30pm Benediction of the Bl. Sacr. & Confessions

       6:00pm Low Mass

ACADEMY at St Mary’s this September?

Several families are taking steps to start a full Catholic curriculum. Ask questions or register interest today with our coordinator Michael Seymour:

TheAcademyStMarys@gmail.com. Please tell your friends and also visit www.rcahybrid.org.uk/.

Congratulations to our children Frankie, Scarlet, Savannah, Karolina and Szymon who will receive Jesus in Holy Communion for the first time this Sunday.

Confirmations: our Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP of Liverpool kindly agreed to confer the Sacrament of Confirmation at St Mary’s on Saturday 10th July 2021, 3:00pm. Candidates should contact Fr Stewart astewart@olgseminary.org. Preparation will begin soon after Easter. We are very grateful to His Grace.

Year and month of St Joseph: March is dedicated to the foster father of Our Lord Jesus, with his feast on Friday 19th. But this extends to the entire year, as the Holy Father has announced a Year of St Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, beginning this past December 8. Read the Apostolic Letter, Patris Corde. Let’s all make it a priority for 2021 to come to a deeper appreciation and devotion to St Joseph. 

Moving near St Mary’s? Interest was recently expressed to us again by families considering moving to Warrington. We can advise you on preferred locations and local housing market.

Support St Mary’s Shrine: send your donation via our Donate page: https://fssp.co.uk/donate/. Ask us for a Gift Aid form to increase your donation by 20% at no extra cost to you. Gift Aid envelopes can be obtained from our Secretariat. Standing orders are easier and quicker for us to process than cash: Lloyds Bank ; Sort Code: 30-80-27 ; Account number: 30993368 ; Account name: FSSP Warrington

COVID: Please observe social distancing, sanitizing and one-way system as signed, and kindly cover your face with a mantilla, scarf or mask unless exempt. We thank our stewards who generously give their time to secure a safe environment for all visitors to St Mary’s. Please make sure to follow their instructions and abide by the regulations (unless exempt from some), including social distancing and one-way system.

On Priory Court Car Park, please park on any spaces to the FRONT & RIGHT of the pedestrian wooden gate into the Presbytery garden and church, as the spaces on the LEFT of that gate are for office users.



Juventutem London

 “Remaining in the presence of God” – Fr. de Malleray, FSSPFr. Armand de Malleray, FSSP provides a reflection: “Remaining in the presence of God: the best kept secret that saints would die to share with us. Avoiding grave sins and dangerous occasions is a prerequisite to sanctity; as well as becoming regular in saying our prayers, confessing our sins and receiving Holy Communion. But all along, nothing will help us like cultivating the presence of God lovingly watching us day and night. This is how so many sinners became saints.”

Next Juventutem London Holy Mass and spiritual conference:

FRIDAY, 19 MARCH 2021 AT 19:30

Juventutem London – Mass & Reflection

  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1173000316489806/
  • St Mary Magdalen. 96 North Side. Wandsworth Common. SW18 2QU
  • Friday, 19 March 2021 at 19:30 UTC
  • Price: free
  • Public  · Anyone 18-35 years
  • 6.30pm-7.25pm Confessions
  • 7.30pm: Holy Mass
  • 8.15pm-8.45pm: Reflection from Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP. Reflection topic: “St Joseph: God’s foster-father. In the context of the Year of St Joseph, we will meditate on glorious St Joseph, the man who lived for thirty years in close intimacy with the Lord Jesus and Our Lady. St Joseph is a model for obedience to the divine will, for manly courage and strength as well as for purity. He is invoked as Terror of devils and Patron of the Happy Death.”

New Baronius hand missals and Holy Bibles for sale. Public price $ 64.95/copy. St Mary’s hugely discounted price: £35.00/copy! Pay by cash only (better on Sundays), and have your item handed to you by us immediately.

Join 212 subscribers to St Mary’s YouTube channel: Homilies for Sundays and major feasts will be uploaded regularly. Visit www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NVY7jpDIhANiwjng1gN0w. Thank you to our LiveMass/YouTube operators.

‘Renew your Lenten resolution’ Third Sunday Of Lent Homily 07 03 21

69 views6 days ago8:58NOW PLAYING

First Saturday Devotion to Our Lady homily 06 03 21

38 views6 days ago8:54NOW PLAYING

‘Transfiguration’ Second Sunday In Lent Homily 28 02 21

75 views1 week ago10:41NOW PLAYING

Ash Wednesday Homily 17 02 21

61 views2 weeks ago15:24NOW PLAYING

Chair of St Peter homily 22 02 21

77 views2 weeks ago9:57NOW PLAYING

‘Temptation’ First Sunday In Lent Homily 21 02 21

110 views2 weeks ago

Pray for our Sick & housebound: John Sunderland, Michael Meadows, M. Hawley, Theresa Reynard, Hilda Creagan.


Sun 14 4th Sunday in Lent, (Laetare Sunday) I Class First Holy Communion & Happy Mothers’ Day 5pm Vespers and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament 9:00am 11:00am 6:00pm Mimi Scarr RIP All St Mary’s Faithful Fr Gribbin
Mon 15 Feria III Class 12:10pm Mary Gilfedder RIP
Tue 16 Feria III Class 12:10pm Holy Osman
Wed17 Feria II Class [St Patrick] 12:10pm 7:00pm G  Turk All Men of St Mary’s
Thu 18 Feria III Class 12:10pm Leonard Tuite
Fri 19 St Joseph, Spouse of BVM, I Class 1 Stations of the Cross after midday Mass 6:45am 12:10pm 6:00pm Fr Verrier’s intention William Giverin Fr Peter Fox RIP
Sat 20 Feria III Class Adoration & Confessions 10:00am-12noon  12:10pm Dawn+Joy thanksgiving
Sun 21 Passion Sunday, I Class (1 Sunday Passiontide) [One year since beginning of 1st Covid lockdown] 5pm Vespers and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament 9:00am 11:00am 6:00pm Nicholas Scarr All St Mary’s Faithful William Giverin Jr
Mon 22 Feria In Passion week III Class 12:10pm William Roach RIP
Tue 23 Feria  In Passion week III Class 12:10pm Kit Ropher
Wed 24 Feria In Passion week III Class 12:10pm 7:00pm   All Men of St Mary’s
Thu 25 Annunciation of the BVM, Class I 6:45am 12:10pm 6:00pm Celebrant’s intention Intention Monica F Damian O’Neil RIP
Fri 26 Feria  In Passion week III Class Stations of the Cross after midday Mass 12:10pm All St. Mary’s penitents
Sat 27 Feria  In Passion week III Class Adoration & Confessions 10:00am-12noon  12:10pm Sheila Banner RIP
Sun 28 Palm Sunday (II Sunday Passiontide)I Class British Summer Time begins: Rise one hour earlier 5pm Vespers and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament 9:00am 11:00am 6:00pm Marcia de Castro RIP All St Mary’s Faithful Barbara Hatton RIP

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