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February 16, 2019

Sunday Bulletin 17 Feb. 2019

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17 February 2019

www.fssp.co.uk/warrington • 01925 635664

Watch our Mass daily on http://livemass.net/

Buttermarket Street, Warrington WA1 2NS

Served by the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter

by appointment of the RC Archdiocese of Liverpool

Rector: Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP: malleray@fssp.org

Assistant: Fr Konrad Loewenstein, FSSP: padrek@libero.it

Assistant: Fr Ian Verrier, FSSP: iverrier@fssp.org


Holy Masses: Sunday 11am & 6pm; Mon-Sat 12:10pm daily.

Confessions 30mins before every Mass every day

– including from 5:30pm before 6pm Sunday Mass

and on Saturdays 10am-11:45am during Eucharistic Adoration. Daily Rosary 11:30am Mon-Fri, 11am Sat. Followed by the Angelus.

SUPPORT—Bank details: Account name: FSSP Warrington. Account number: 30993368. Sort Code 30-80-27; Lloyds Bank, Palmerston Road Branch. Ask us for Gift Aid forms and envelopes: warrington@fssp.org. Registered Charity number 1129964

Safeguarding: Children, teenagers and vulnerable adults must be accompanied or supervised at all times within the Shrine. If you have concerns, please contact the Archdiocesan Safeguarding Department on 0151 522 1043 or e-mail safeguarding@rcaol.co.uk, or speak with Clare Fraser, St Mary’s Safeguarding Officer. Thank you for your awareness.

Pro-life: Every last Saturday, 10:15am. Coordinator: Peter Boyle: p.boyle400@btinternet.com

Choir: Contact Fr Verrier for an audition if you would like to join our choir – including Junior choir: iverrier@fssp.org

To receive Holy Communion: one must be a Catholic, in state of grace, one-hour fasting at least. In the EF liturgy, Holy Communion is received kneeling (unless unable to) and always on the tongue. Thank you in advance.

Did you know? St Mary’s Shrine costs £1,444/week to run and maintain. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Mass Intentions:

Sun 17 Septuagesima Sunday 11:00am


Peter Wallace (annivers.)

A Lady RIP

Mon 18 Feria: Mass of St Simeon, Bishop Martyr

Stations of the Cross for Priests 1pm

12:10pm Mike Durkan RIP
Tue 19 Feria: Requiem 12:10pm Jean RIP
Wed 20 Feria: Requiem

Mothers’ Prayer Group 1pm

12:10pm Sean Keenan RIP
Thur 21 Feria: 12:10pm Kevin King
Fri 22 Chair of St Peter, Apostle (1st Class)

Plenary Indulgence for Confraternity Members

Stations of the Cross for Priests after Mass

12:10pm Confraternity of St Peter
Sat 23 Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

St Peter Damien, Bishop Confessor Doctor




Brenda McClean

 Sun 24 Sexagesima Sunday 11:00am


Nicholas Battye RIP


Holy Masses were also offered privately for Linda Kelly, Percy Burton, Holy Souls in Purgatory, Bernadette & Alan Conor, Holy Souls, Fr O’Connor, Holy Souls, Leigh Keenan, Rosemary Murphy, Aimée Blacker.

Park safely: the fence at the rear of our car park has been damaged by car users. Please do take extra care when parking. Thank you.

Welcome to 5 extra FSSP priests from Scotland, Reading and Switzerland. We will be 8 priests in total staying at St Mary’s Priory between 18th and 20th February for our third annual FSSP-UK clergy gathering. (Due to lack of room, a couple of us will sleep on the floor, which is very good for one’s back, they say.)

Priory Campaign: 8 days ago our pre-planning applications for Community Use of the building(s) received a favourable response from Warrington Borough Council. Since then, the owner informed us that he was not selling the Buttermarket Street building(s) to us anymore. This may be God’s way to show us His Holy will, namely, to buy Priory Court instead.

This latter building stands at the rear of the car park, where the original St Mary’s school built by Pugin used to be. It comprises of three separate units, of which so far we can afford to buy only two. We urgently need benefactors (or investors)

1) to help us secure the third unit and

2) to endow us with a stable monthly income for the upkeep of the new building(s).

Our charitable status exempts us from stamp duty. The purchase cost is £80k per floor (i.e. for 79.31 square meters, or 853 square feet) to use as office; or adding circa £20k as cost of conversion into residential (Warrington Borough Council has granted the change of use to the owner for the entire building). In total, it would seem that one could get an 80 square meter flat from £100k. This includes parking space.

We still have a great opportunity to create a dynamic Catholic hub around our beautiful Pugin church! Wherever you live, please email Fr Rector if you can donate (or invest) money: malleray@fssp.org.

Please ask Our Lady for her urgent intervention in the Priory Campaign as a decision should be made this week. God bless you.

Watch the drone video of the building here.

St Mary’s young families group, usually takes place on the third Thursday of each month. As Feb 21st will be half term, this month’s meeting is postponed to the week afterwards 28th Feb. All ages welcome! Meet in the presbytery after the 12:10 Mass with your picnic. (St Mary’s school support group runs concurrently with this group, but meets weekly for catechesis/philosophy.)

Addicts: To all concerned, or in any way associated with addictions to drugs, alcohol: help is available with a very high success rate. Free.

We meet at Sr Mary’s Warrington WA1 2NS every month, last Saturday at 1pm. Confidential phone contact: 07916578902.

February 16: ordination in Wigratzbad by His Exc. Vitus Huonder, Bishop of Chur, Switzerland of our Welsh seminarian Gwilym as Exorcist and Acolyte. Three members of our congregation will carry the prayers of St Mary’s Shrine when attending the ceremony in Bavaria. In total this month 22 seminarians will have been ordained to the Minors Orders and 15 to the first Major Order of Subdeaconate.

Eucharistic Retreat at Douai Abbey: oversubscribed! Please pray for spiritual fruit for the about 50 of us meditating on the Holy Sacrament next weekend in Berkshire.

Catholic Mum makes mantillas big and small sizes for ladies (black) and girls (white) ranging from £5 to £12. Contact anjali_fletcher@yahoo.com or 07848397287.

Young Adults Group: We had a very successful trek yesterday (Sat. 16 Feb) at Tatton Park, with a dozen of us taking part, some for the first time.

Next meetings: Saturdays 9 March; 6 April;

11 May [March For Life]; 1st June; 6 July.

Family moving nearer to St Mary’s? 3-bed house to let in High Legh from April 2019, ca. £750 p/m. 20 mins / 8 miles from St Mary’s by car. Available to buy from Feb 2021. Contact Dominic Jones: dominic.jones@gmx.co.uk, 07875242761.

Plenary Indulgence for members of the Confraternity of St Peter on the feast of the Chair of St. Peter, 22nd February – 12th anniversary of the foundation of the Confraternity of St Peter. Learn more about our growing 6,446-member-strong international prayer network for priestly vocations: visit www.fssp.org/en/help-us/confraternity-of-saint-peter/.

Adults curious to know more about Catholicism? Join our Saturday evening group of catechism for adults: most Saturdays 6pm-7pm, with Fr Loewenstein.

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