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July 18, 2020

Sunday Bulletin 19 July 2021

Congratulations to our five adult converts who were received into the Church last Friday and made their First Holy communion last weekend, and to our 19 candidates who received the Sacrament of Confirmation from Archbishop McMahon last Saturday. So many graces! Thank you to all those who helped make this possible: His Grace who came from Liverpool again this year; Fr Whisenant for the very hard work put in preparing the many candidates; Fr Verrier who drove back a long way to do the music; Fr Andrew Jolly who attended in choir after hearing confessions; our flower artist; our stewards; our LiveMass operator; our lay servers and so many more. Please pray for our new Catholics and newly confirmed ones.

Juventutem youth group (18+) on Saturday 25 August: contact Juventutem Warrington on Facebook.

Mass intentions 19 July – 2 August 2020

Sun 19        VII Sunday after Pentecost 5pm Vespers & Benediction 11:00am 6:00pm Patrick Parkinson Celebrant’s intention
Mon 20 St Jerome Emiliani 12:10pm Joe de Luca
Tue 21 St Lawrence of Brindisi 12:10pm Gavin Gogley
Wed 22 St Mary Magdalene; Men’s Group 8pm 12:10pm Parkinson Family
Thu 23 St Apollinaris 12:10pm Romeo
Fri 24 Votive Requiem 12:10pm Christopher Connor RIP
Sat 25 St James, Apostle 12:10pm Karen McKay
Sun 26 VIII Sunday after Pentecost 5pm Vespers & Benediction 11:00am 6:00pm Eileen Corcoran RIP Celebrant’s intention
Mon 27 Votive Mass of St John Fisher 12:10pm        FSSP Reading
Tue 28 Ss Nazarius & Celsus, & Victor & Innocent 12:10pm Daniel & Ethan Jones
Wed 29 St Martha; Men’s Group 8pm 12.10pm Holy Souls & FOSS members
Thu 30 Votive Mass for Vocations 12:10pm Daniel Jones
Fri 31 St Ignatius Loyola 12:10 Conor Jones
Sat 1 St Peter in Chains, 3rd class FSSP 12:10 Francine Hannah
Sun 2                  IX Sunday after Pentecost 5pm Vespers & Benediction 11:00am 6:00pm Margaret Lawless Celebrant’s intention

Opening Times:

Weekdays                  11:00am – 1:30pm & 5:00pm – 6:30pm

includes 12:10pm Holy Mass after Confessions 11:40am-12:05pm

(and most evenings Sung Vespers at 6pm)

Saturdays: 10:00am-1:30pm (no opening in the afternoon)

With Confessions & Adoration 10am-12noon before 12:10pm Holy Mass

Sundays                     10:am– 1:00pm & 5:00pm-7:00pm

(includes Sung Vespers & Benediction 5pm-6pm open to all present in church, and via LiveMass.net)

If you are new to St Mary’s Latin Mass community, please note that we normally have printed sheets with English translations and booklets to help you follow Holy Mass. Those are currently not available due to anti-virus regulations. But you can find on our website a link to the readings for the Mass of each day. You can also subscribe for free to our weekly circular emails with all news and interactive links.

A word by Fr Henry Whisenant who is going back to his diocese:

“Following on from Fr de Malleray’s announcement and his gracious words at Sunday Mass about my return to East Anglia to take up an appointment there, I would like to publicly thank him for his generosity in making me so welcome this whole last year as I lived in this community and discerned what was the next step for me in the priestly apostolate. I will always remember with fondness and gratitude my time with the clergy of this house (also Fr Verrier with whom I have so happily spent the year, Fr Stuart and Deacon Gilbride for the time that they have been here, and Fr Loewenstein at the very beginning), and although I have much yet to learn in terms of the Church’s rich tradition, what I am familiar with is thanks to them, and is therefore very much a fruit of the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter. I am also more grateful than words can tell to you, the faithful of this parish, who have shown me such natural and unstinting kindness. Please pray for my first steps in this new venture and know that you will remain in my prayers.”

Father Whisenant spent the past year as priest in residence at St Mary’s to learn better the traditional ways. Recently he chose to accept an offer from his bishop of East Anglia to launch a traditional ministry in rural Suffolk. In the name of all, let Father Whisenant be thanked for his great dedication here over the past year. Through fine homilies and talks, through one-to-one instructions to converts, through visits to those in need and through his cheerful involvement in the life of us clergy, Fr Whisenant has so naturally become part of our lives that we assumed he had been here for years. We assure him of our prayer for his new apostolate, knowing that our loss will be a long-awaited gain for families in the diocese of East Anglia. Father will leave on 29th July.

Homily on the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel: https://vimeo.com/439105701.

Sermon on the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel from LiveMass on Vimeo.

SAFETY: Thank you for paying attention to the various signs displayed throughout the church for your safety as approved by the Liverpool Archdiocese. This includes the one way system, the social distancing in the aisles and in the pews. Would members of the same household kindly keep together and leave a gap between them and other people? Thank you. Individuals and smaller households are invited to sit in the side pews.

The Holy Water fonts are left empty. If you bring an empty plastic bottle, we can fill it in for you to take home.

The Offertory Collection will take place at the end of Mass as you walk out. At the back of the church a steward will hold a basket before you, for you to drop your offering in it without touching the basket. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Holy Communion will not take place during Holy Mass until further notice. But any Catholic in state of grace and fasting for an hour may receive Holy Communion right at the end of Mass. This will take place kneeling (unless crippled) all along the Communion Rail, and on the tongue, according to the traditional form in force at St Mary’s Shrine. Stand at least one meter behind the first line of communicants. Then kneel down all along the rail, with one meter gap between households. The priests will sanitise their fingers right before Holy Communion and will stand about one meter from each communicant. The priests’ fingers do not touch the communicant’s lips, chin or tongue if the mouth is normally open. If you have any concerns, we invite you to make a spiritual Communion instead.

Please pray for Fr Alex Stewart, FSSP, still sick at home.

We thank Fr Andrew Jolly, acting as sacred minister at the Solemn High Mass on the FSSP’s 32nd anniversary of foundation last Saturday.

Wednesday Men’s group at 8pm as usual.


Did we ask ourselves how we could improve our behaviour while in the House of God, lest after four months some habits were lost? Allow us the following reminders, or encouragements:

  • one must genuflect towards the Tabernacle on entering and again on departing (unless unable to do so); and whenever walking by the Tabernacle along the Communion Rail or across the central aisle (if the Blessed Sacrament is exposed in the monstrance for adoration one should wait or genuflect on both knees);
  • men, women and children must dress with modesty. No tight or see-through garments; body, chest, shoulders covered, and limbs at least down to the elbows and below the knees with dresses or skirts for women, and trousers for men. Even on weekdays, sport shoes, t-shirts and jeans are not appropriate. On Sundays and feasts, one should wear one’s ‘Sunday best’, not casual wear. Sunday Best means a suit with tie for men and young men, and for women a dress more elegant than usual. Cheap clothes can be found which will meet these criteria of respect for the House of God. While not compulsory, it is becoming for women to cover their head with a mantilla, while men remain bare headed. These vestimentary efforts are to honour God and to edify fellow worshippers.
  • talking in church is not permitted, unless with God or with the confessor;
  • mobile phones must be switched off before entering;
  • one must avoid casual postures such as crossing ones legs, reclining on one’s seat or resting one’s feet upon the kneelers: as the word indicates, kneelers are for our knees, while our shoes belong to the floor;
  • no other activity must take place while Holy Mass or the Divine Office (e.g. Vespers) or Eucharistic adoration is in progress.

Why all this dear friends? Because a Catholic church building is the House of the true God. Here is where the Saviour of all men truly dwells.

O God, the world is YOURS, but the Host is YOU.


Deo gratias for the ordination of

3 priests in the cathedral of Laon, France. See the great pictures of the ordinations: http://fsspwigratzbad.blogspot.com/2020/06/2020-ordination-de-trois-pretres.html

  • 4 priests last 24th May in Wigratzbad, Germany
  • 6 deacons last 1st June at OLGS , USA
  • 5 priests last 1st June at OLGS , USA
  • 2 priests (including our own Deacon Gilbride) please God next 8th August in Sydney Cathedral, Australia.

Pray for more priests via the Confraternity of St Peter: https://www.fssp.org/en/help-us/confraternity-of-saint-peter/

Now available to purchase online – or with 1/3 discount at St Mary’s £10.00 (cash only) instead of £15.00 :

X-RAY OF THE PRIEST in a field hospital

Since no priest wishes to be mediocre, why do many think priestly holiness too ambitious a goal? This book identifies sinful hindrances and spiritual resources for a fruitful and rewarding priestly life in the twenty-first century. These reflections are drawn from the author’s traditional priestly formation and from his twenty years of experience as retreat master for clergy and laity, and as vocations promoter.

Praise for the book: 

This call ‘back to basics’ for the Latin clergy, set within a clear doctrinal framework, is written with both imagination and rigour, and merits a wide readership, including bishops and religious superiors. – Fr Aidan Nichols, O.P., author of Holy Order: The Apostolic Ministry from the New Testament to the Second Vatican Council, (Veritas Publications)

No priest doing his duty, trying to love God and neighbor, and trying to pick up his daily cross will suddenly decide, “I think I’ll have a go at some adultery.” He might wind up in grave treason to Our Lord, but the winding will not be sudden. He will slide into it. Conversely, he will not be able to jump up to the heights of sanctity; he’ll have to climb. This book will be of great value to anyone who would like to know how to avoid the slide, and what to do in order to climb. Fr. de Malleray’s timely yet classic approach to the priesthood in our times is a jewel. I thank God he wrote it. – Fr James Jackson, FSSP, author of Nothing Superfluous (Redbrush)

This book presents a convincing and compelling account of the stamp and character of the priest. It is at once profoundly practical and sublimely spiritual. We have over forty men in our Faculty preparing for lives as priests across China, Latin America, East and South East Asia. I am convinced that every single one of them will profit greatly and be strengthened in their vocations by reading and re-reading carefully, attentively and prayerfully Fr de Malleray’s advice. – Revd Prof Stephen Morgan, Rector of the University of Saint Joseph, Macao, China

Written from an unapologetically traditionalist position, this book is in no way the less spiritually challenging and thought provoking. One does not have to agree with everything in it to come away with much material to help one discern how to be a better priest in the contemporary Church. There is also a good section on vocations. – Revd Dr Michael Cullinan, M.A.(Oxon.), M.A.St.(Cantab.),  Ph.D. (Cantab.), S.T.D. (Alfonsianum), Director of Maryvale Higher Institute of Religious Sciences

Fr de Malleray’s reflections on the nature of the priesthood are fascinating and perceptive, and will edify both clerical and lay readers. – Dr Joseph Shaw, PhD, Oxf, Chairman of The Latin Mass Society

Father de Malleray has once more strengthened the sensus fidei, refining the themes introduced in Ego Eimi to focus more particularly on the gift of the Sacred Priesthood. We are grateful to Father for having penned these reflections, covering a wide scope of aspects of the greatest dignity conferred on man. His words gain particular resonance among our Sisters, who are dedicated to prayer, sacrifice and hospitality toward priests, as well as the making of sacred vestments. May Father’s meditations spur on an even deeper urgency in spiritual support of our priests, that they may ever remain faithful to their own vocations, and in handing down the traditions and fullness of our holy faith. This is wonderful book that I heartily recommend. – Mother Abbess Cecilia, osb, Abbey of Our Lady of Ephesus (Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, Gower, MO)

Full of instruction yet easy to read; an inspiring vademecum for priests, seminarians and those considering a priestly vocation. – Fr Thomas Crean, O.P., author of The Mass and the Saints (Family Publications)

Also available on Amazon and other online retailers. 

176 pagesSize: 5.5 x 8.5 

Purchase: from the Publisher’s website: https://aroucapress.com/x-ray-of-the-priest

or from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/X-Ray-Priest-Field-Hospital-Reflections/dp/1989905013


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Notice: A senior lady from our congregation is looking for a cheap flat to rent in the centre of Warrington in a quiet environment. Contact us for details.

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