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February 7, 2018

Taking Inspiration from the Lancaster Martyrs

Today the FSSP UK priests’ meeting included a visit to Lancaster.

Image (above): close to the spot in Lancaster Castle where St Edmund Arrowsmith was held before being martyred in 1628.

Image (above): A memorial stone marking the location of several martyrdoms in Lancaster. Among those whose intercession we invoked was Bl James Bell, born in Warrington, and martyred in Lancaster in 1584 under Bloody Queen Bess.

Downhill from where the martyrs died is the plot on which in 1859 the Catholic Cathedral of St Peter was built. The cathedral’s fine windows tell of St Peter’s life and death in Christ. Above:

  • St Peter’s sermon on the day of Pentecost
  • St Peter at the Council of Jerusalem
  • St Peter delivered from prison by an angel

And below:

  • St Peter’s restoreth Tabitha to life
  • Lord, where goest Thou
  • St Peter is crucified at Rome

St Peter, pray for us.

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