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August 11, 2017

The Assumption of Our Lady – 15th August

A reminder that Low Mass is on Tuesday 15th August, at 7:30pm at Christ the King Church, Bedford MK42 0SP. All are welcome!

Below is a reflection from Blessed John Henry Newman:

Our Lady … died in private. It became Him who died for the world, to die in the world’s sight; it became the Great Sacrifice to be lifted up on high, as a light that could not be hid. But she, the lily of Eden, who had always dwelt out of the sight of man, fittingly did she die in the garden’s shade, and amid the sweet flowers in which she had lived.

Her departure made no noise in the world. The Church went about her common duties, preaching, converting, suffering; there were persecutions, there was fleeing from place to place, there were martyrs, there were triumphs: at length the rumour spread abroad that the Mother of God was no longer upon earth.

Pilgrims went to and fro; they sought for her relics, but they found them not; did she die at Ephesus? or did she die at Jerusalem? reports varied; but her tomb could not be pointed out, or if it was found, it was open; and instead of her pure and fragrant body, there was a growth of lilies from the earth which she had touched.

John Henry Cardinal Newman, Discourses to Mixed Congregations



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