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The 13 Benedictine Rectors of SMS

“After many years of patient waiting and unceasing exertions, the Catholics of Warrington had the great gratification of witnessing the opening for the purposes of Divine Worship, of one of the most handsome and ornate buildings which the community can boast.”

(The Warrington Guardian, upon the opening of the St Mary’s in 1877)

The up-dated 2016 edition of the Guidebook takes into account recent developments (for example Archbishop McMahon entrusting the care of the shrine to the FSSP in November 2015; the restoration of the high altar in January 2016).

Meanwhile the Guidebook opens with a tribute to the 13 Benedictine rectors who successively built up and adorned St Mary’s–both the building and the community. Page 3 of the Guidebook shows the first rector Abbot Austin Bury, OSB (1877 – 1882), pictured below with his successors: