United Kingdom and Ireland
February 14, 2018

Welcoming a 7th Priest in the FSSP’s UK Apostolate

Deo gratias for a seventh priest joining the FSSP’s UK apostolate. Fr Konrad Loewenstein is returning to St Mary’s Warrington today. He was born in England in 1958, of Bavarian descent. After A-levels, he studied at Oxford (Christ Church) and later taught in the USA. Fr Loewenstein joined the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter in 1997, studying at our motherhouse in Wigratzbad. After his priestly ordination in 2002, he taught at our seminary and later on started our apostolate in Venice, Italy, where he served for a decade.

In November 2017, Fr Loewenstein came to St Mary’s Warrington temporarily, and is now assigned there for six months. His brother is also a priest, in the English Dominican province, and his late father was a well-known supporter of the traditional Latin Mass. Brief biographies of the FSSP’s seven priests in the UK can be found here.

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