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February 19, 2018

Who Makes Children Happy? Jesus Christ.

The chaplains for this year’s Summer Camps will be the by then newly ordained Fr Phipps, FSSP (Summer Camp St Peter) and Fr Verrier, FSSP (Summer Camp St Petronilla). The venue for the camps is a Salesian house, whose founder St John Bosco, shortly after his ordination in 1841, wrote of his convictions in rescuing street children:

The young, who form the most cherished and attractive portion of human society, and in whom are centred all our hopes for a happy future, are by no means intrinsically perverse or inclined to wickedness. Once you have counteracted the carelessness of some parents, the effects of idleness and of evil companions, it becomes the easiest thing imaginable to instil into their young hearts the principles of order, of good behaviour, of respect towards others, and to accustom them to the practice of religion; and if you should meet any who are already spoiled at that tender age, it is the result of neglect rather than of downright wickedness. These are the ones who especially need a helping hand; the difficulty lies in finding the means of gathering them together in order to speak to them and control them. This was the mission the Son of God took upon Himself; this can be done by His Holy Religion alone, which is eternal and unchangeable in itself, which was and always will be the teacher of mankind, which contains a doctrine so perfect that it is suited to all times, and adapted to the different characters of all men.

From where did the inspiration come to try and pull children of Victorian-era England out of the mire? Surely from Jesus through His Saints. St John Bosco, pray for us.

Details of the camps, and how to book places, can be found here.

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