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October 26, 2023

Bedford & Chesham Bois FSSP Chaplaincy

On Thursday 26 Oct. 2023

Dear friends,

Greetings in Christ the King, whose feast we will celebrate this Sunday.

By now you may have heard that Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP was appointed full-time chaplain of the FSSP Gregorian Chaplaincy established several years ago in the Northampton Diocese, serving Bedford and Chesham Bois, starting on Sunday 29 October 2023. We thank Bishop David Oakley of Northampton and Fr Richard Aladics, P.P. for their continued support to our ongoing ministry in the Northampton Diocese.

Fr de Malleray takes over from Fr Phipps, FSSP and the other FSSP priests based in Reading. He is currently moving into a property in Bedford. You may recall that he offered Mass regularly in these two locations, as early as 2008, in 2015, and in Bedford in 2021, then travelling from Warrington. He is eager to meet again with you from this Sunday onward.

A MailChimp list will soon be advertised to share information.

Mrs Rita Carroll accepted to be the Secretary of the FSSP Gregorian Chaplaincy. She can be contacted at bedford@fssp.org.

Fr de Malleray can be contacted at his usual address: malleray@fssp.org.

Please note that this webpage (fssp.org.uk/bedford) is the official page of this apostolate.

SUPPORT: Please shift your standing order from the Reading account to the new Bedford & Chesham Bois Lloyd bank account:

  • Sort Code: 30-80-27
  • Account number: 44025960

Forthcoming events:

On Friday 27 October at 7pm, at Christ the King Church in Bedford, Fr de Malleray will attend the induction ceremony of Fr Richard Aladics as the new Parish Priest. All are welcome to attend.

Saturday 28 Oct3pm-5pm: Confessions at Christ the King Church, Bedford

Sunday 29 Oct, 8:30am: Holy Mass at Christ the King Church, Bedford (patronal feast of the parish according to the 1962 calendar). Please note: the 12:30pm Sunday Mass no longer takes place, as Fr de Malleray must travel to Chesham Bois instead.

Sunday 29 Oct, 12noon: Holy Mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Church in Chesham Bois. Please note: the 8:00am Sunday Mass no longer takes place. It is from now on postponed to 12noon, so as to allow time for Fr de Malleray to travel from Bedford.

Wednesday 1 Nov, 11:00am in Chesham Bois: All Saints (a holy day of obligation)

Wednesday 1 Nov, 7:30pm in Bedford: All Saints (a holy day of obligation)

Thursday 2 Nov, 11:15am in Bedford: All Souls: three consecutive Low Masses of Requiem (ending by 12:30pm)

To be confirmed: First Saturday Confessions and Holy Mass in Bedford on Sat 4 Nov, morning.

Let us pray for the spiritual fruit of this apostolate.

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